Friday, June 24, 2011

Lily is Nine!

Lily recently celebrated her ninth birthday. It was a
celebration spread out over several days. It was
a rite of passage for her in that she finally
got her ears pierced. It was a family affair and both
grandmothers held her hands; while her parents, well,
her mother mostly, teared up in the background.

She is so much a big girl now. No longer are there
princesses in her life. Pink the color is out! She is
a Taylor Swift and that dude Justin fan.....So, for
her birthday, I got her tickets to a Taylor Swift
concert. So, it begins....Of course, her mom and
I will be going with her.....

She is still a little girl deep down. Her present
from Mom and Dad was a new bike. She
still has many paths to ride down before
she is grown.....oh, so many!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

T-Ball 2011

Forrest has been playing T-Ball this spring/summer.
I always love, love to go to games; from my boys to my grandkids!
From the smile on his face, I think he loves the
games too!

My pictures and my thoughts are always
out of whack...At the end of the game,
they do the "Good game handshake"!
I love this part, too....

The end of the season ice cream....
He and Melody like this part....

Now, an action shot.
He runs for Home Plate....
He made it! Yah!

The Trophy! Today is the last game
of the season...I am going to
be so sad....