Saturday, October 18, 2008

From the Mouth of Babes

I think Art Linkletter was right. Kids say the darnest things.

Max and I were listening to a children's CD from our favorite chicken place. All of a sudden he asked me to skip one of the songs. It was a story where one of the characters loses his best friend. He dies. It makes Max sad. He said, "Meme, why would they tell a little kid a sad story like that????" I told him, I did not know. And, I really don't know why....

On a lighter note. Forrest was in the bathroom, sitting on the potty, when he reached for the toilet tissue, when out of the blue he said, "Meme, you have the softest toilet paper!!!" I mean, what has this poor boy been using??? I need to speak to his parents!!!

Lily and I were getting ready for sleep. Books had been read, backs had been tickled. Things were winding down, when out of the quiet that comes just before sleep, this little voice asked, "Meme, what do you and Shelby (the dog) do when I am not here???" I thought, nothing...nothing really. My mother always told me that the first few hours after the boys and I left were so lonely. I now know how she felt.....

Girl Time

Lily had a fall break for two weeks. I insisted on calling it spring break. She goes to the University campus school, so she goes eight weeks and off two with a ten week break for summer instead of twelve. Since her mom did not have the two week break, Lily and I had some girl time. I arranged my day off during the week so she spent the night twice.

For quite awhile now, she has wanted to move from a "baby" carseat to the "big girl" booster seat. However, she only weighs 34 lbs. and she needed to weigh 40 lbs. to do so. To add salt to the wound, her baby brother does weigh enough. She was very excited when the red circle store had pink booster seats for 30-100 lbs. You would have thought she had gotten all her Christmas wishes granted. She finally can ride in style!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am still here, just tired. I just finished two 12 hour shifts. One day off and back again for 12 more hours. I do not know how long these sixty one year old feet can take it. The floors are HARD. I mean rock hard. And the babies just keep on coming. Sorry to complain. I will have a happier post tomorrow. I hope, anyway....