Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some sleepover

Last night all three grand kids had a sleepover with me. They are going on vacation next week, so I just had to get some time with all three on my days off. Sooooo, it was a happening party. Wish you could have been here.

We had about three rounds on dinner, first L ate, then L and F, and then M came and he ate. Of course that means L had three meals. I felt like a short order cook...not that there is anything wrong with that. Then it was popsicle time. I took all of F's clothes off and put him in a big tee shirt and sat him on a big towel for him to have one. By the time it was over, he had a red nose and mustache and his shirt and the towel were also.

At bedtime, I refused to sleep on the air mattress this time and told them so. They all agreed and it was to be the boys in one room and the girls in the other. So after a video and books, I went to kiss M and F goodnight. Well, about that time F started crying for his mommy. M told him it would be OK, he would see mommy in the morning. This made me smile because he used to cry and not want to sleepover when he was little, so to hear him acting like it was no big deal was funny. But it was sweet to hear him trying to comfort him. He loves his little cousin and helps me a great deal! Sooooo, we all four crawled in the bed and he was happy.

Today it was a trip to the Children's Museum, at least for L, F and me. M had swimming lessons, but, man I could have used his help with F. F is obsessed with anything with an engine. So, we blasted off from the airplane cockpit, clanged a bell on the firetruck, made a brum, brum sound on the police motorcycle that only little boys know how to do, and said 10-4 on the police walkie talkie. That is, he did all this three different times before I got him and his sister out. It was only after promises of a movie with lunch that got them out the door.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have been wanting to go to one of my grandson's t-ball games, so last Friday I finally got the chance to go. I always loved going to my boy's games, and I am excited about getting to go to games again.

I got to his game late, and when I got to the field I thought I heard someone calling my name, but couldn't imagine who it would be. As I walked on, I heard it again. It sounded like my grandson, M, but would he call me from the field? I stopped to see if I could find him out of all those kids. When I found him, he had his eyes on me, waving to beat the band. I was so excited!!! He was waving at ME!!!!! But that was nothing compared to when I walked over to his bench while he was waiting to bat. He was so excited about the game, and then HE CAME UP AND GAVE ME A HUG!!!! Man, that made my day!!!!

He and his team had a great game. He got a hit and got to second base, but then got out on his way to third. He called to his mom and yelled that he got tagged. S yelled back, like all parents do, that that's OK.....It is so heartwarming to see those kids giving it their all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

L Is Five

L's birthday finally came and she is five. She is becoming such a big girl.

She had a Princess Party. She had on a hoop dress, her mom put her hair up with curls, and she wore her favorite blue headband. She looked so princessie. Then, she ran out the door and headed straight for the swing set and climbed on the bars upside down.

She is such a climber. She loves to climb trees, loves hanging from her knees on the bars, and can do a headstand. I know I am digressing from the party, but, telling you this explains my gift to her. Gymnastics lessons. She is sooo excited.

The party was fun. We sang Happy Birthday, she blew out the candles, and THEN, her mom dropped the cake.....on one of her friend's leg!!! I just knew she would be upset...even cry...but no, she bend down and stuck her finger in the icing, that was on her friend's leg, and took a bite!!! Nope, she wasn't upset, but her friend was!!!!! She stood there horrified and quiet. She was scooped up and went straight for a clean up and I don't think she ever recovered. Amy was so afraid that she had upset L, but no, it was her favorite part of the party, especially since one rose on the icing was saved for her.

After the party, M and L came over for a sleepover. It was a blast, with all that sugar in them. And, then I realized that I had left M's bag, with his medicine in it, at my son's house. It was almost bedtime, they wanted a popcicle, and a book read to them. So, in order to get all this done, I piled them back in the car, threw them a popcicle, and told M that HE had to read a book to L. And me, well, I drove back to get the bag. So, when we got back home it was time for bed. HOORAY!!!! Not that I wanted the day to be over. No, no, no!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just the boys

M and FH, my six and almost three year old grandsons, came over Saturday for a sleepover. Being with these two boys took me back thirty years to when my two boys were little. The age difference is about the same, and I kept calling M by his fathers name. Of course, he would call me on it, reminding me that I am fast becoming my mother or my grandmother.

They kept cracking me up in their banter back and forth. Of course, there was the moment during their bath that FH realized M had the same plumbing. Yelling "Meme, M has a penis!!!" Before I could comment, M yells "yeah? YOU have one too"!!!!! Oh, boys are such fun.

M and FH were having popcicles on the back steps, and M looks at me smiling with twinkling eyes and told he wished he could stay with me forever. Well, he pulled my heart strings. Of course, he only wanted another popcicle. That's was nice to hear.

I have really enjoyed each of my grandchildren. Having a girl in the family is a new, enchanting experience. I so enjoy our closeness, playing with dolls, having tea parties, putting on makeup!! But, this weekend was also special. Having my two boys' little boys here was a warm fuzzy feeling, and I love feeling that again.