Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Memories

Christmas with children is magical. The wonder in their eyes, the smiles on their faces, and the joy in their giggles makes not only my day, but the whole season. I remember the Christmas traditions of my childhood. I remember waiting for my cousin, DiAnne to arrive from Chicago. I remember watching Mama Gooch wrapping presents for all her grandchildren while I munched on rag bologna. I remember my older brother telling me I had better get to bed because Santa Claus might pass by our house if he looked in the window and I was still up. Since my mother and I lived with my grandparents, everyone came to our house. When my boys were little we started our own traditions. We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, then Christmas morning there was Santa and all the gifts he brought. Those memories are precious to me. Now I have grandchildren and all the memories they are bringing. I feel so blessed to have all my family. My boys, their wives, and the three precious young ones.

Speaking of the young ones. I will hold these pictures in my mind and heart forever of this Christmas. Max saying when he opened one of my gifts, "I did not ask for this...(my heart sinking)... because it was so big, but, I really wanted it"(whew)
Lily seeing her quilt on her bed and loving all the colors and flowers on it. Forrest being so excited when he saw his astronaut suit and space helmet, so excited that he wore it for two days. I was also so excited, trying to make sure I got to see each one open their gifts that my neck was whiplashed.

The best was having Christmas eve supper with Kev, Amy, Lily and Forrest. The turkey, fresh green beans, and baked potato were yummy after working. The Christmas Dinner at Brian and Shannon's was so delicious. A moment I will remember forever, was seeing Brian's eyes when I told him how tasty the Brussel Sprouts were. I know this sounds strange, but I could tell he was glad I liked them. He will always be my wonderful little boy, and I am so proud of him. Then, another proud moment was Kev telling me he used my gift to him in preparing his part of the meal. Don't laugh at me, but I love my boys and they make me a happy mom all the time. Now that is a wonderful Christmas gift that they give me everyday.

Max and the Winter Festival

I went to Max's winter Festival at school. The weather was rainy, so it had to be moved from the amphitheater to one of the classroom. It was cozy!!! All the different grades did a skit of all the different traditions around the holiday season. Max's Christmas tradition was getting a new ornament each year.

After the program, we ate lunch at Miss Cordelia's. This is one of my favorite places to go with Max. Whenever I pick him up at school, we always go there for a treat.

Next for our day was a visit to the Enchanted Forest. This is special because I took his dad there when he was little. The little mice, raccoons, elfs, are all the same ones they saw and they still hold the same magic they did long ago. When it came time to visit Santa and talk about what the ole man would bring him, Max was not too sure. He seemed torn between talking to him and getting his wishes, or not and then no toys. Then he heard the little boy ahead of him mention Pokeman and Santa talking of Pekachou. You could see his eyes light up, and Santa was now a really cool guy. So....he talked to him and his mom and I got a picture of the event.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas....I cannot wait for a moment to talk about it all...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday DiAnne
My cousin, and best friend is sixty today.
The cats and jammer kids.....

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Fun With Family

This has been a Christmas weekend. Friday I went to Brian & Shannon's to help trim the tree. First ornament I held, I dropped. At least it was not a real special one. It was nice to watch my son's family traditions in play. I loved hearing each one talk about their favorite ornament, who gave it to them, especially if I was the one who gave it!!!

Saturday night all my grandchildren came over for a sleepover and we trimmed my tree. We also watched Rudolph. Don't tell my kids, but we did not go to bed til 10:30 PM....then in the middle of the night, the youngest woke me up and wanted to go into the den. So, we did. He fretted because it wasn't daytime and he wanted to play. I truthfully do not know how I got him back in the bed.

Today we went to Aunt Karen's church for the Alpine Festival. Kevin and Amy and the children make cookies, ornaments, spinning tops, Gingerbread cookies and played in the snow. Forrest even made snow angels. we had loads of fun and I loved being with family.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks

Lily and I were in the car the other day. This seems to be when I hear all the "lilyisms". She noticed the Christmas lights were already up lining Poplar Avenue. We had been discussing our family's plans for Thanksgiving and when she noticed the snowflakes, she declared, "Why do they have the Christmas lights up??? They should have Turkeys!!! I admitted she was right!!! My five year old granddaughter has more on the ball than our city. It's enough that stores start displaying Christmas goods before Halloween, but should all the rest of us forget Thanksgiving. It is a time to think about our blessings of family, friends, and food. Man, the food. I was thankful for cooking with Kevin and Amy in their new home. I will remember little moments in the kitchen , such as Kevin and I fighting that big bird to make the gravy, Amy watching how I made gravy (which reminded me of when I would ask Mama Gooch how to do the exact thing), making Mama Gooch's dressing(and having one of my friends at work wanting a bite of Mama Gooch's dressing), Lily and Forrest hurrying to play the piano and guitar after dinner. You know, I am thankful for the chance to have these memories. I hope my family has memories that will include me in them, the way I remember Thanksgivings from the past.
I was very thankful to hear from Brian, too. I had been waiting all day for his phone call!!!And thankful they had a safe trip to Grandmaw's.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Bad Day

Friday night I was getting ready for bed when the phone rang. When I answered I heard Lily's little voice saying "Meme, I have something to tell you". Now, I knew she was safe at home with her mommy and daddy, but the sound of her voice made me think she was about to tell me she ran away from home and wrecked the car. She followed with "Remember that flower ring you gave me? Well, it is all flat, it's broken." Her little voice was sooo sad. I told her not to worry, to save it in her jewelry box and we would get another one. Then, she started up with another worry. Mommy took Forrest to the pet store to get a new fish. She obviously did not get to go. Forrest is growing up and getting to do big boy things and I don't think she was coping with that too well that day. She went on, "Forrest got to feed the new fish...and I don't think thats fair!!!!" Well, I realized she was needing an understanding ear, someone to share her bad day with...even if she was only five years old.

Friday, November 9, 2007


I think of my mother and grandparents all the time and remember times gone by. I remember my mother and grandmother, Mama Gooch, talking about relatives who had passed on and I would wonder why they talked about all these people from long ago. Now I know why. It was their way of keeping these people and their memories alive. When I saw this post below, I thought of how my grandchildren will never know my mother and grandparents. Both, my mother and my grandchildren, people that are so important in my life, do not know each other. It makes me sad, my grandchildren's children will probably not know me. I am not meaning to be melancholy, but on your family tree, there are direct links to each other, but we will not know these very important people in our lives

Cowtown Pattie of Texas Trifles posted this comment:
“You bring home the notion that you never truly die if you remain in someone's heart and memory. Sadly, though, it only takes the span of a couple of generations before our own story grows dim. I hope that my future great grandchildren and beyond have a curiosity about me and that some of my writings will survive the time test.”

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Sixty...So What???

“Let go of youth. It is but a flower. To know old age is to dive deeply into the very roots of life. This is what is real, what is hidden from the young, what enriches and sustains us. Old age is not something that happens to us, it is who we are, embrace it - and be made whole.”
- Dr. William H. Thomas, Time Goes By, 30 October 2007


Historical Halloween
Picture by Click-Shannon

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Historical Halloween

Every year my grandson Max's Montessori school has Historical Halloween. Each student chooses a person from the past (or in my case, during my lifetime) . They research their life and dress up as this person, and give a short speech.

Max was Captain James Cook. He wore an explorer hat, with binoculars and a map. He said he was nervous, but once he was speaking, I could not tell it at all. He told when he was born, 1728, and died,1779. You may remember he was an English naval officer who explored Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. Max did a wonderful presentation!!!

The school is on Mud Island with an amphitheater outside facing the harbor. It was a beautiful, sunny day. All the children from little bitty to teens did their best and it was a wonderful time with my family.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy 108 Years

Happy Birthday to Olive, who is 108 years young today. Wish her a Happy Birthday at She is the oldest blogger on this bloggosphere.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


"If it weren't for electricity, we'd all be watching television by candlelight."
George Gobel

Crazy Pictures

I do not know exactly what you are seeing below. Are there three pictures or one?
I have a bit of a learning curve or curse going on. Please bear with me.

Wordless Wednesdays

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thank you

My picture below was taken by my daughter-in-law, Shan. I love seeing my picture, I admit, and especially with people I love. This is one of me, my brother, Bob, and cousin Di. Di and I grew up like sisters, and she is my best friend.

Thank you, Shan

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Pictures of the Summer

This is Brian and Kevin's official birthday picture. I have been forcing them to do this pose for at least 15 years. It all started when I took this shot when they were teenagers and then found one posed exactly like it when they were three and seven years old. I was amazed that I had taken the same pose so many years before. So, it became tradition. Now, we have added their babies to the picture. They are my heart.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Never Grow Up

Lily had another sleepover, so I wanted to remember some of her Lilyism's. I just made that word up.
We got up way to early for me. I took my pillow to the couch and proceeded to lay my body down. Next was grab the remote and find Sprout for her to watch. We were watching TV when out of the blue Lily said, "If you have a small heart, you'll be grumpy all day". I asked her where she heard this, thinking her mama had told her. She shrugged her shoulders and said "on TV". At least she is learning something good.
She soon got tired of my cozy spot on the couch and asked if I was going to stay on the couch all day??? Well, that did it. I hopped up and we got in the floor (oh, my aching bones) and played Polly Pockets and did some coloring. I don't know why it wasn't fun on the couch.
We then moved to putting on makeup and looking at Meme's jewelry. As I looked at her, I asked her to not grow up so fast. She said rather emphatically, "I can't help it"!!!
I laughed to myself and realized she is a pretty smart girl.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What I've Done

I had not done anything with my youngest grandchild in quite a while, so I took him and his sister to the zoo. I admit I also wanted to see the butterflies before they left. It was sooo hot, I immediately began to question why I cared about the butterflies. My granddaughter Lily was also noticing the heat. She was fretting and pacing and asked me, Meme, are you hot, cause I'm hot! I'm having a hot flash!!! I laughed good....
I guess I announce that to her too often....the butterflies were awesome and we wanted one to light on our finger, but they didn't. Oh well...
The polar bears and seals did delight us. One seal swam down to me and stared right into my eyes. I think she was asking me to get her out of there. On we went to the polar bears and one of them noticed a young boy holding a red card up to the glass. He braced against the wall and then slammed into the glass. The crowd went crazy, so he did it over and over. We also rode the truck-train, as Forrest called it. As we rode, he noticed the Backyard burger booth and said, "Meme I want to go to a restaurant!!! I asked if he was hungry and he nodded. Poor thing, I was starving him. So, off the train to eat chicken strips, then to the playground....Yes, we go to the zoo to play on the jungle-gym!!! Did I mention how hot it was???? Yes, it was HOT, so I did what I thought I would never do...I let them get in the water/wading pool. What can I say, we were having a Hot Flash!

Monday, September 3, 2007

I Am Sixty Today

Today is my sixtieth birthday! I cannot say I welcome it, but as my mother said about her older birthdays, it is better than the alternative. I do not feel, in my mind, that I am sixty. It seems only yesterday that I was fifty.

I believe this was one of my BEST birthdays ever. It is due to my children, Bri, Shan, Kev and Amy who along with Max, Lily, and ForFor, gave me the most wonderful birthday party. They worked very hard to make it special for me, and indeed, it was.

The food looked like a gourmet feast. There was ham and rolls, olive dip on baguettes, tomato with mozzarella on crackers, bacon wrapped shrimp and asparagus, olives, fruit, and more that I don't remember at the moment. There were TWO desserts!! My favorite, CHOCOLATE!!!mousse, chocolate whip cream something that was to die for. And a blueberry cake, my next favorite. Enough of food. There were friends and family.

My brother and sister-in-law came from my hometown. My niece and nephew came with J and O. My friends from work came. All are dear to me. Words cannot begin to express what each one means to me.

My children gave me the most thoughtful gift of all. They know what my family home meant to me. My mother and I lived with my grandparents, so I was blessed with lots of love. I am also very sentimental. Tears are filling my eyes as I write. They conspired with my brother and had a painting of my home done for me. My brother provided details of what the house was like when I was growing up and lived there.
When I saw the picture, with everyone watching me, and I was nervous, at first I did not recognize it until Shannon said that it was my home in Paris. I laughed and said, whew, I thought this was where ya'll were sending me. My brother put his arm around me and said I was riding back with him. (like I was going to a nursing home) BOY, was I relieved when I looked and there was my home. Now, it will always be with me.

Thank you Brian, Shannon, Kevin, Amy, Max, Lily, and Forrest.
I love you all very much!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Forrest is Three!!!

Forrest is three years old today. He is such a sweet little boy. When I think of him, certain things come to mind. Planes, trains, and automobiles!!! Yes, planes, trains, and automobiles. He's all boy in that respect. He usually has his chubby, little fingers wrapped around a car, lying on the floor, and driving it all over the place. Just like his daddy did.

His birthday party was this past Sunday. Of course, his cake had a race car on it. He had his friends and family over. We all sang Happy Birthday to him and he blew the candles out before we finished singing. Then, it was time to open his presents. I will say his favorite was from his cousin Max. He could be heard squealing as he saw the Space Shuttle, or ROCKET!!!!as he called it. Well, he didn't want another present, nope, nary another. Just the ROCKET!!!!

I cannot believe my baby grandson is getting to be a "big boy", but he is still, on occasion, thank goodness, a "little boy"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meme and Lily Hit the Mall

One of the days I have been waiting for has happened! Lily and I went shopping!!! At the mall!! She had been wanting a "girl day" with me for a while, actually she'd take a "girl day" any day. So, I decided we'd go window shopping. We walked into Macy's and headed to the shoes. She squealed with excitement and noticed every pair. She would say "Meme, look at the jeweled ones, look at the red ones, look at the dadada ones" She then said, Meme, put them on!!!! I really got into it too, and soon I had on red spike pumps, silver jeweled pumps, red sandels, you name it and I tried it on. I even saw some really high, high spiked heels with the tiniest, tiniest heel. I giggled and showed them to Lily, she looked at me with frown, and said in the most serious voice, "Meme, I don't think you could walk in those"!!!
Well, it was then that I realized that we really weren't having a girlie shopping trip, but a little girl and her grandmother shopping trip. Even though I am soon to be sixty, I refuse to grow up. This little girl will keep her grandmother from regressing too for back in her youth. However, she will keep me young!!! I can't wait for another girlie day!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brian and Kevin's Birthday

Thirty-seven and thirty-three years ago, at exactly 2:08PM and 2:18PM, Brian and Kevin were born. My two greatest works. They are exactly 4 years and 10 minutes difference in their ages. At first, I was so upset when Kevin was born on Brian's birthday. I thought they would not like having to share their birthdays, but I really think they did. It was THEIR DAY. I think it actually helped them be close to each other.

I had always wanted to be a mother and it has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I look at them with awe and cannot believe they are the extraordinary men they are. I would like to say it was because of me, and their Granddaddy always told me I was a wonderful mother, but I do not pretend to believe it was me, it was THEM.....They deserve the praises.

Happy Birthday Brian and Kevin. I love you both.
Your Mama

Monday, August 6, 2007

Hot August Nights

It is hot here in Memphis today. The heat and humidity make it feel like 106 degrees. It reminds me of when Brian and Kevin were little. The first week in August for two years in a row the temps soared into the 100's. Both of those years our air conditioner broke. Being a single mom, a scared single mom I might add, I refused to raise the windows at night. So I turned on a big fan and made those boys sleep in that heat. It would actually be cool by morning. As I saw the thermometer today, I thought of those August nights long ago, and of my boys, too.

Friday, August 3, 2007

60th Birthday Party

Four of us at work turn sixty this year. I know, I don't look sixty! Several of our friends gave us a party last night. That was sooo nice of them. Well, really one of us made them do it, and it wasn't me. But, I got to benefit from her grumpiness. There was a lifesize poster of Elvis at the door and they got a picture of me kissing it, since I did kiss him once. I was working and was, well, looking to stir things up a bit. He (Elvis) came to visit his father and I heard he was leaving soon, so I saw him by the ER with a crowd of people. A woman was talking to him through the car window and I thought, HEY, I KNOW HE WANTS TO SEE ME!!!! I pulled her away from the car, stuck my head in the car and planted one on him. But, let me get back to the party. There was reminiscing, laughter, sounds of the blender making alcoholic beverages, lots of great food and of course cake and ice cream. I have never had my picture taken so many times. Carol, Peggy, Gail and I had a blast. It was such fun being with my wonderful friends. Anyone else turning sixty this year?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Golden Anniversary

This past week was my brother and sister-in-law's 50th anniversary. Their children gave them a small dinner party. It was such a fun evening. My brother and sister in law reminiscing about their marriage was so great. My brother is the kindest person I know. His wife is pretty wonderful too.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

All Alone

I am soooo lonely this week. Both of my sons have gone and taken my grandchildren on vacation. The very nerve of them to want to get away from the daily grind....well, actually I don't blame them. But, why would they each start driving faster as I was running after them????

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some sleepover

Last night all three grand kids had a sleepover with me. They are going on vacation next week, so I just had to get some time with all three on my days off. Sooooo, it was a happening party. Wish you could have been here.

We had about three rounds on dinner, first L ate, then L and F, and then M came and he ate. Of course that means L had three meals. I felt like a short order cook...not that there is anything wrong with that. Then it was popsicle time. I took all of F's clothes off and put him in a big tee shirt and sat him on a big towel for him to have one. By the time it was over, he had a red nose and mustache and his shirt and the towel were also.

At bedtime, I refused to sleep on the air mattress this time and told them so. They all agreed and it was to be the boys in one room and the girls in the other. So after a video and books, I went to kiss M and F goodnight. Well, about that time F started crying for his mommy. M told him it would be OK, he would see mommy in the morning. This made me smile because he used to cry and not want to sleepover when he was little, so to hear him acting like it was no big deal was funny. But it was sweet to hear him trying to comfort him. He loves his little cousin and helps me a great deal! Sooooo, we all four crawled in the bed and he was happy.

Today it was a trip to the Children's Museum, at least for L, F and me. M had swimming lessons, but, man I could have used his help with F. F is obsessed with anything with an engine. So, we blasted off from the airplane cockpit, clanged a bell on the firetruck, made a brum, brum sound on the police motorcycle that only little boys know how to do, and said 10-4 on the police walkie talkie. That is, he did all this three different times before I got him and his sister out. It was only after promises of a movie with lunch that got them out the door.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have been wanting to go to one of my grandson's t-ball games, so last Friday I finally got the chance to go. I always loved going to my boy's games, and I am excited about getting to go to games again.

I got to his game late, and when I got to the field I thought I heard someone calling my name, but couldn't imagine who it would be. As I walked on, I heard it again. It sounded like my grandson, M, but would he call me from the field? I stopped to see if I could find him out of all those kids. When I found him, he had his eyes on me, waving to beat the band. I was so excited!!! He was waving at ME!!!!! But that was nothing compared to when I walked over to his bench while he was waiting to bat. He was so excited about the game, and then HE CAME UP AND GAVE ME A HUG!!!! Man, that made my day!!!!

He and his team had a great game. He got a hit and got to second base, but then got out on his way to third. He called to his mom and yelled that he got tagged. S yelled back, like all parents do, that that's OK.....It is so heartwarming to see those kids giving it their all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

L Is Five

L's birthday finally came and she is five. She is becoming such a big girl.

She had a Princess Party. She had on a hoop dress, her mom put her hair up with curls, and she wore her favorite blue headband. She looked so princessie. Then, she ran out the door and headed straight for the swing set and climbed on the bars upside down.

She is such a climber. She loves to climb trees, loves hanging from her knees on the bars, and can do a headstand. I know I am digressing from the party, but, telling you this explains my gift to her. Gymnastics lessons. She is sooo excited.

The party was fun. We sang Happy Birthday, she blew out the candles, and THEN, her mom dropped the cake.....on one of her friend's leg!!! I just knew she would be upset...even cry...but no, she bend down and stuck her finger in the icing, that was on her friend's leg, and took a bite!!! Nope, she wasn't upset, but her friend was!!!!! She stood there horrified and quiet. She was scooped up and went straight for a clean up and I don't think she ever recovered. Amy was so afraid that she had upset L, but no, it was her favorite part of the party, especially since one rose on the icing was saved for her.

After the party, M and L came over for a sleepover. It was a blast, with all that sugar in them. And, then I realized that I had left M's bag, with his medicine in it, at my son's house. It was almost bedtime, they wanted a popcicle, and a book read to them. So, in order to get all this done, I piled them back in the car, threw them a popcicle, and told M that HE had to read a book to L. And me, well, I drove back to get the bag. So, when we got back home it was time for bed. HOORAY!!!! Not that I wanted the day to be over. No, no, no!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just the boys

M and FH, my six and almost three year old grandsons, came over Saturday for a sleepover. Being with these two boys took me back thirty years to when my two boys were little. The age difference is about the same, and I kept calling M by his fathers name. Of course, he would call me on it, reminding me that I am fast becoming my mother or my grandmother.

They kept cracking me up in their banter back and forth. Of course, there was the moment during their bath that FH realized M had the same plumbing. Yelling "Meme, M has a penis!!!" Before I could comment, M yells "yeah? YOU have one too"!!!!! Oh, boys are such fun.

M and FH were having popcicles on the back steps, and M looks at me smiling with twinkling eyes and told he wished he could stay with me forever. Well, he pulled my heart strings. Of course, he only wanted another popcicle. That's was nice to hear.

I have really enjoyed each of my grandchildren. Having a girl in the family is a new, enchanting experience. I so enjoy our closeness, playing with dolls, having tea parties, putting on makeup!! But, this weekend was also special. Having my two boys' little boys here was a warm fuzzy feeling, and I love feeling that again.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just the girls

My granddaughter L has been asking for a just us girls sleepover. I finally had three days off so we had a two night sleepover, just the two of us. Usually we have F, her two year old brother with us. So this was really a special treat.

We went to the playground, rode her bike around and around, climbed the (monkey)bars, pushed her real high on the swings, and "spotted" her while she hung upside down from her knees.

We went to the Children's Museum where we piloted a plane, climbed a skyscraper, designed a room, played kalaid-o-scope on a computer, rang doorbells, brushed giant teeth, took our picture in the photobooth while making silly faces, and this was just the first of our three hour visit.

It was what being a grandmother is all about. Unconditional love and lots of push up bars. We both get to do whatever we want and nobody tells us we have to eat all our dinner before dessert.

Our just girls nights were fun and over way too soon. Now, I am lonely again. But, only for a few nights, because M and FH are having a boys only (well, except for me, I am allowed since I am Meme), sleepover Saturday night. It will seem like old times, since for so many years it was just their daddy's and me. We'll have a blast, probably in more ways than one.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

God's House, really?

I went to L's and FH's end of the year school program. It was held in the church. After the program, L was crawling all over the pews. I was trying quite unsuccesfully to get her to stop. Finally I said to her, "don't climb all over the pews, this is God's House". She stopped immediately and looked all around and said "Where is he??? I fumbled a minute and then said, "oh, He is in heaven". She looked back at me and continued climbing.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My first words

My first words that really count are yet to be said. At least on this blog. I got the idea for the name of this blog from my daughter-in-law. She always tells her son to use his words instead of the usual screams from a two year old. The phrase stuck with me, so here I am using it for my blog. So, credit goes to A for my first real words. Not that I doubt my ability to claim many readers of my words (or thoughts), it will just be difficult to have them when you do not let anyone know you are writing them. So, if you find me, hello and welcome.