Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Busy Friday

One of my friends had a party to watch The Royal Wedding. I almost didn't make it as I overslept. I came flying in the door just as she was walking into the Abbey. It was fun! Hearing everyone's commentary on the "goings on" was interesting. I could tell just from remembering my wedding(s), that Catherine needed a drink of whiskey, I mean water...

We had some wedding cake, too.

I wore a fascinator, too!

There was a Princess Bride or two there as well.

The attendees were spellbound....there was not a dry eye in the house...

Last night, I watched The Memphis Grizzlies beat The San Antonio Spurs and win the First Round of Western Conference.
I sat in my chair with my son and grandson, and my neice and nephew"s pictures on Facebook beside me, and cheered like a crazy person.... After the game as I was recapping it all in my mind, I seriously wondered if I will be recovered enough to watch them again tomorrow. I am going to have to rest up!

I could not forget as I went to bed, and said my prayers, to remember all those affected by the tornadoes in the South. I watch the news coverage with shock, as I think of how I was gathering in my safe place, for those same storms as they rolled through Memphis. The main part of the storm went just south of us, to head into Mississippi, Alabama, and on. I counted my blessings...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rising Waters

Max climbing by the ever rising Mississippi River.
The water usually is "way back there".
I could not believe it to see it in person.

The wind was very strong, even for river standards...
We only stayed a few minutes...

Friday, April 22, 2011


I was just sitting at home minding my own business. The doorbell rings. It is one of my neighbors and she asks if I know anything about the dog in the middle of the street. No, I didn't know it at all. We go out and call for her, she comes slowly. We grab her, and of course she had a collar, but, no name on it....The neighbor said she could not stay as she had to get to class for an exam. So, there I stand, with a stray dog, and no idea what to do with her...She is placed in my back yard. There is only one thing troubling...

This little girl is my main concern....and she was not happy! Still, I was really liking this new girl. She was clean and well fed; she had not been on the street long. She was someone's dog. Somebody was missing their dog. How was I to find them? I sent an e-mail to our neighborhood group, called rescue groups, and nothing. Meanwhile, the day was moving on, so I got one of Shelby's big beds and settled the dog down for the night on the screened in backporch. She curled up and snuggled in. It was tearing my heart up. She was such a sweet dog, she would run all around me when I was outside, and race me to the back door, then sit down and not force her way in. She would sit at the door and look in, wanting to come in, and furrow her brows. Man, it was killing me! I called my vet and asked them for help. They were so nice. They told me to bring her in, which I did. The good girl sat very nicely in the back seat all the way to the vet. She was so happy. Several days pass and still no owner calls. The vet
knows someone who might want her. If not, I did not know what was going to happen. I teared up so many times...what was I going to do? Thankfully, before anyone could decide to take the dog, I got a phone call from the owner....her name was Ginger, and she was an escape artist. The owner had just moved in the neighborhood and Ginger bolted....all the way to my house. I did not get to tell her goodby, but, that is ok. Ginger sat beside the owners son all evening. That was enough for me. Ginger was home!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Regatta 2011

Some photos of the Regatta this week....For the Wacky Boat Race, they start out with one big sheet of cardboard and make a boat to race in the pond. It was quite cold and cloudy at the start but the day ended up very beautiful....

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 1968

The place was Memphis Tennessee. The date was April 1968. Martin Luther King was in town for the sanitation workers strike. Times were different then, they were called garbage men. There was unrest in the city. Violence erupted between the supporters of the sanitation workers and the police. How did this affect me? I was a senior student nurse at the time. We were sent to help in the overflowing emergency rooms. I walked into this situation and was immediately overwhelmed. There were injured people everywhere, in wheelchairs, on stretchers. They were bleeding and moaning. I was terrified. Nurses threw IV fluid bottles and tubing at me and told me to get them ready to hang. That meant I would prime the fluid through the tubing all the while not contaminating it. i have no idea how I did it, but, I did. I was then sent to assist a resident who was suturing a black man's head. I was in shock. I remember standing there, I may have helped the doctor, I probably did whatever he asked, but, I was horrified. As I stood there, I realized the doctor did not use anesthesia on the man's head. He was crying out and I was holding his hand, but, the doctor kept sewing. When the doctor finished with this poor man's head, he was going to suture his ear. It was cut very badly. The man started begging the doctor not to, to just leave it. He could not take the pain of having the ear sutured without deadening his ear! I think I was about to faint myself. The doctor said he would give him the deadening. I cannot imagine this happening today. I would like to think there are no longer people who think like that resident. We have come a long way. Thankfully.....