Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forrest's 6th Birthday

Forrest is about to be six years old tomorrow. His party was Friday at Laser Quest. I have never experienced this before. There is a briefing room where rules are given, but, no one understood because she talked so fast. Some of the kids were not comfortable (scared) of the heavy gear, the lasers, and the rest. However, those who braved the conditions, loved it! Forrest came in third when the tally was finished. I thought about going in, but Max said I would not have been able to handle the heavy vest...

Afterwards, there was Sponge Bob cake, lots of Star Wars and Harry Potter presents.

Oh, yes! Their was the firing of toilet tissue to the Birthday Boy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


For those of you who know I have been wanting to retire, I did it! I retire in December.....More later.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 15, 2010 The Birthday

August 15, 1970 2:08 PM, Brian was born.

August 15, 1974 2:18 PM, Kevin was born.

Now if you are paying attention, that was exactly 4 years and 10 minutes difference in their ages...

So, now it seems, Brian is FORTY YEARS OLD!!!!! Man, can I add or what? This year brings me to ponder and reflect on my life, their life, but, I really thought about Brian. He did not want a lot of fanfare about his birthday for some reason, and I respect that. However, it is a big deal to his mama. I wanted to do something special for him. He made that easy by requesting Pepper Steak for the birthday dinner. Just like I cooked it when they were little. I even had can green beans because that is what I served with Pepper Steak, that and rice. I thought this through very carefully and had Brian in the kitchen with me when I made it, so he could learn how it was done....clever, aren't I? I explained the steps, and afterward he said, Awe. Yep, it is that easy. I stepped back a bit, and let the chef do his job. I got the pleasure of being with my son. That is all a mother ever really wants.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It is so hot here in Memphis that I cannot even go outside without feeling like I will smother. The humidity must be 120% with the heat index the same. Actually the heat index is 115 degrees. Shelby and I are both sitting in this house waiting for fall. Of course, fall brings acorns. I hate acorns. When the grandkids come over we make a game of stomping on them. For every one of them that is stomped, that is one less baby oak tree that grows in my flower beds....But, back to the present.

I am having a few days off work to get myself prepared for my firstborn to turn 40 years old. This cannot be. He is even puzzled how this is possible. He told me he remembers when I turned 40. Yes, a milestone is happening. I usually get depressed when he and Kevin have a birthday, because two weeks later, I get a year older. However, this year I am excited. I want the next two years, or possibly one to pass with lightening speed. Hopefully I will get to retire. Then, I will be happy for time to stop and let me stay 64 or 65 forever....

I am really getting ready for my responsibilities at work to end. I love my work. I love the babies, but, it seems to be changing at such breakneck speed, I am running as fast as I can. Some days I feel like I am grasping for air at the end of the day. Other days I feel I could go on forever. The forever days are becoming fewer. I am trying so hard.

For now, Shelby sits in the children's chair, and I am in mine. We are getting ready for a birthday dinner for the boys. She is insisting on rawhide bones, but, I am the one who is going to the grocery, so I am betting on Pepper Steak. That is the request of Brian, and hopefully Kevin will like it, too!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun with Forrest

Forrest and I went to the Memphis Children's Museum on our day together this week. We have probably only been there about
4,588 times before. Each time is just like the first for him. First off, we head to the FedEx jet and fly off to parts unknown. We always climb up the skyscraper, buy groceries, brush teeth, change a tire, ride the Police motorcycle, I get arrested and thrown in the back of the police car, see if the talking tree can guess what we are thinking of, make paper airplanes and fire them off in the what-ya-mu-callit, design a car on a computer, catch fish in the Mississippi, and I am 100% sure I have forgot the other 10 things we did!

Before we took off to parts unknown, there was much discussion as to who had actually closed the doors, and whose turn it was to fly the plane. As you can see by the first pic, it was definitely Forrest's turn. I promise I did not have a vote, and no kids left crying! Well, maybe one!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I was talking to Forrest last night on the phone. I asked him where is daddy was? He replies, "I have no earthly idea!"
That just about cracked me up!