Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A dear friend of mine has just gone through a very trying time. It is so hard to feel so helpless when something happens to a friend you have known for years. We have shared some of our most private moments in our life. We have been there for each other when we really needed it. So, when I was feeling nothing but despair for her, I found this little message in the "Choose a Blessing" bowl in the cafeteria at work...

There is no situation so chaotic that God cannot from that situation create something surpassingly good. He did it at the creation. He did it at the cross. He is doing it today. H.C.G.Mouley

She is slowly coming along. Slowly. We have added another link to our friendship. Making it stronger and stronger.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lunch Date

Lily invited me to have Lunch with her today. She was so excited when I told her I would be able to go. It was her Thanksgiving Finger Food Feast. When I got there, the room was filled with excitement. Instead of all the children working quietly, they were all chatting and cutting out their turkey feathers. They were making turkey hats. I found myself smack down in the middle of it. Miss A asked me to help by cutting out strips for the head band, and stapling the feathers and turkey head to the headband. Well....have you ever had about a class full of 1st graders pounce on you? Each one was stepping in front of the others. I had no way of telling who was really next in line. All I heard was, me next!!! or I've been standing here a long time. I found that I am creatively challenged...

Soon it was time for lunch. We had fruit, chicken nuggets, meatballs, cookies, and oh was it all yummy. Lily ate more than I have ever seen. After came a rowdy game of Fingo, aka Bingo. Miss A had five prizes. On and on we played, and four kids won. Every one was trying to win the last prize when Lily yelled out F-I-N-G-O!!!!!! Only thing was so did four other kids. Miss A had a shocked look on her face, she said "uh-oh, what do we do???". The problem was solved when she let four kids get to go into the goody bag.

It was time for me to go, but Lily wanted me to go to recess with her. This if something I had not done for in fifty-one years...I did pretty good, I even jumped off the monkey bars. When we heard the three bells, all the kids ran back in the classroom and lined up. Miss A said, ok, kids, it is time for recess. What??? Great!!! They all laughed, and Miss A thought a minute and decided it was really time for art.

I have never felt so loved. Lily was very happy her Meme came for lunch with her. I will have to do it again, and Miss A said I could.....

Monday, November 10, 2008


We celebrated Shannon's birthday tonight at Los Comprados. I probably did not spell the name correctly, but, we had Mexican. We had to sit in two booths, so the three kids sat in a booth alone. They really felt big. They even behaved very well.
The news of this post is her Gift. She got a bag of wood. No, she has not been bad. Kevin, Amy and I gave her the wood for her Fire Pit. Now the weather has turned quite cool here in Memphis, so I see many nights by the fire, roasting marshmallows or having
'smores. That sounds like fun. yum, yum....
Now, why I have a Christmas picture here is a puzzle to me. I could not find the other pictures. So, Christmas it is...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am very excited for our country. I have remained quiet about the campaign. However, I am very happy today. I have respect for John McCain for all he sacrificed for his country. But, he lost me with Sarah Palin. I admired Obama's steady, constant walk forward, keeping his eye on the future of our country. I really believe he will be the President for ALL the people...

I will now return to my life as a grandmother.....

Saturday, November 1, 2008


November is Prematurity Awareness Month. One in eight babies in the United States are born premature. As an NICU nurse I want you to sign a petition to urge the federal government to increase support for prematurity related research and other measures to help find causes of premature births and improve the care, treatment, and outcomes of preterm infants.

This is a very important issue to me. Thank you for your concern for my babies.
Go here

I Am Still Here

I have not posted lately because C*mc*st shut off my service...I thought I had paid online, but I guess I paid incognito. I found this out at midnight when the clock on my box went from 12:01 to ----. What???!!!! Why has my time piece quit working? Oh, no!
I must NOT have paid the bill....Now, how am I going to know what time it is when I wake up every 30 minutes all thru the night? Which is what I do every night, especially if I have to work the next day. But, that was the least of my troubles this week. I went up in the attic to find the hot water heater sitting in about 5 inches of water, then the heater made an awful rattle when I tried to turn it on during an unseasonal cold spell, and then with the dishwasher full of filthy dishes, it decided to quit working also. I am waiting around for the fridge to go on the fritz. Now, I don't have a negative attitude, just a realistic one. Oh, wait, I have already had three things break. You know things happen by the threes. So, whew!!! I'm safe....

I did go vote in the middle of all this...I only waited two hours. I met a lot of interesting people, so it was fine. Remember to vote Tuesday. Our vote counts, so head on out to the polls and VOTE.