Monday, February 22, 2010

Proud Mama

My son did the opening credits for a local film....Cigarette Girl....
It will be entered SXSW Title Sequence Design Competition in Austin, Texas. I am so proud of him. For the honor, and because he told me about it....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post About Nothing

I am going to take a cue from Seinfeld and write about nothing. I have been so proud of myself for feeling so healthy. I even worked 44 hours last week. Thirty-six of them in three days, yes, three 12 hours in a row. Well, I darn near killed myself. I had three days off. I did nothing to speak of. I then worked an eight hour shift followed by a twelve. I tell all the young girls that I am 62 years old and running out of steam. They do not appreciate it, they one day will understand. I am going to leave a picture of my laughing self on the wall when I retire, so one day I will get the last laugh.

Forrest had a high fever and respiratory ills last week. His mom and dad had been staying off work with him. Since I was off, I volunteered to keep him. You know how when you are sick you usually want to be home with mom or dad, well when asked if he wanted to go to Meme's for the day, he raised his fevered head and shouted, "Yes"!!!! Poor thing, I had to take his temp several times and he could not hold the thermometer in his mouth without grabbing for a breath of air. Meme said, "Poor buddy, you cant't even breathe". To which he replied, quite adamantly, "Yes I can too breathe"!!! He is so literal. I just smiled inside and reassured him that yes, he was right....

I spoke to Lily on the phone. She was in the middle of a Sponge Bob episode. I somehow detected her heart was not in the conversation. When I asked if she would like to get back to old Bob, she said, "yes, since I really don't know what you have been saying" as she giggled honestly. This might upset some grandmothers, but, not me. I appreciate the honesty.

Well, I must go. I have to go to the grocery for treats, cookies, gummy bears, etc....You see, the kids are coming tonight. What happens at Meme's stays at Meme's. I finally got them to quit telling on me.... ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


YooHoo!!! I am so lucky today. I found out that I am the winner of an Enya CD from My Journey to Mindfulness.

I love Enya. It is so relaxing and peaceful. I used to play one of her CD's when I was having a hard time sleeping right after I was diagnosed with a clotting disorder. Soon after that my mother died. My emotions went crazy. Enya helped me then. Now I will be able to listen to her just because I want to. That will be so much better.....

Thanks Ernestine.....for drawing my name....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This and That

I am constantly laughing at my grandchildren and the things they say. Makes me think of Art Linkletter.....

here is Max's talk of a band he is forming....

Then, Forrest was pondering one day and asked, "Dad, if you are out in the middle of nowhere???? Are there any
other guys there"?????

Amy asked Lily if she wanted to give the boys in her classroom Star Wars Valentine Cards, Lily replied she wanted to
give them Barbie Valentines. Amy asked her why, Lily said "I want to torture them"!!!!! She is starting early....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Visit

We are so much wiser when we get some age on us. At least I think so, and would have done a few things differently. One of those things is the relationship with my first husbands mother. Being the mother of two grown sons, and her being the mother of four grown sons, I feel like I understand the reasoning behind so much of events of the past. I do not need to go through each one of them now, here. I just think of all the experiences of life she could have shared with me. If only I had let her.....

I met up with Kevin, Amy, Lily and Forrest at Lily's school. Kevin had told me Lily was having a little piano program. As it turned out the program was the following week. That was fine with me, I got a chance to visit for a minute with them, and that always makes Meme happy. As we talked, Amy mentioned she and Lily were going to visit Granny, and invited me along. I had been wanting to see her. She was very ill, and was ready to be rid of all the pain and trouble breathing. I had this overwhelming desire to tell her I wish I had been a better daughter-in-law, and I appreciated all the love she had given my boys and their families. However, I decided I should not burden her with my regrets. She was, after all, dying. I should make the visit pleasant, happy, uplifting, not one filled with regrets.

I went with Lily and Amy to see her at the nursing home. It was late in the afternoon, the light disappearing from the window. I always liked this time of the day when I was a Candy Striper in the hospital before I was a real nurse. It seemed so cozy, a time to come in to the warm inviting rooms. I know this sounds off, since who thinks a hospital room inviting. I though, always felt at home in a hospital. So, we begin our visit. Amy walks in the room, announcing she had brought a visitor with her. We didn't want to shock her too much. She was glad to see me, and I hugged her hello. We all started talking about Granny and how she was doing. Amy had brought her a Fr*sty, but, she did not want it just yet. Lily sat quietly finishing her Fr*sty. The room was cozy. Three women sat together and talked, all connected by marriage, with Lily being to one connected to us all. I felt a warm kinship and we continued to visit. I laughingly asked her who she thought Lily looked like. She laughed and looked at me and said, YOU! We laughed, my heart swelled, I was so happy to be there. We got around to my boys, her grandsons, and she praised me for raising such wonderful boys. I always enjoy hearing it, but, feel it had nothing to do with me, but, that i had the fortune of having such awesome boys. I told her that they really loved their grandmother, and she nodded and smiled. I think it made her feel very special.

Amy asked her if she wanted her to read some passages from the Bible. She quietly nodded. She asked for the love verses and told Amy II Corinthians 3. That was not the one, so Amy looked while we talked. Amy found the verses, and said it was ch13 rather than 3. Granny said so dryly....well, it was hiding in ch 13. Her humor was coming through. As Amy read, Granny closed her eyes and listened. She seemed very content.

Granny talked about how I used to go to church with them when Eddie and I were dating and then come to their house for Sunday dinner. I told her the old seating arrangements around the small table, She laughed and said they had to enlarge the area as we all got married and the family grew.

As our visit grew to a close, I thought to myself, I will always treasure this visit. Forever.