Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks

Lily and I were in the car the other day. This seems to be when I hear all the "lilyisms". She noticed the Christmas lights were already up lining Poplar Avenue. We had been discussing our family's plans for Thanksgiving and when she noticed the snowflakes, she declared, "Why do they have the Christmas lights up??? They should have Turkeys!!! I admitted she was right!!! My five year old granddaughter has more on the ball than our city. It's enough that stores start displaying Christmas goods before Halloween, but should all the rest of us forget Thanksgiving. It is a time to think about our blessings of family, friends, and food. Man, the food. I was thankful for cooking with Kevin and Amy in their new home. I will remember little moments in the kitchen , such as Kevin and I fighting that big bird to make the gravy, Amy watching how I made gravy (which reminded me of when I would ask Mama Gooch how to do the exact thing), making Mama Gooch's dressing(and having one of my friends at work wanting a bite of Mama Gooch's dressing), Lily and Forrest hurrying to play the piano and guitar after dinner. You know, I am thankful for the chance to have these memories. I hope my family has memories that will include me in them, the way I remember Thanksgivings from the past.
I was very thankful to hear from Brian, too. I had been waiting all day for his phone call!!!And thankful they had a safe trip to Grandmaw's.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Bad Day

Friday night I was getting ready for bed when the phone rang. When I answered I heard Lily's little voice saying "Meme, I have something to tell you". Now, I knew she was safe at home with her mommy and daddy, but the sound of her voice made me think she was about to tell me she ran away from home and wrecked the car. She followed with "Remember that flower ring you gave me? Well, it is all flat, it's broken." Her little voice was sooo sad. I told her not to worry, to save it in her jewelry box and we would get another one. Then, she started up with another worry. Mommy took Forrest to the pet store to get a new fish. She obviously did not get to go. Forrest is growing up and getting to do big boy things and I don't think she was coping with that too well that day. She went on, "Forrest got to feed the new fish...and I don't think thats fair!!!!" Well, I realized she was needing an understanding ear, someone to share her bad day with...even if she was only five years old.

Friday, November 9, 2007


I think of my mother and grandparents all the time and remember times gone by. I remember my mother and grandmother, Mama Gooch, talking about relatives who had passed on and I would wonder why they talked about all these people from long ago. Now I know why. It was their way of keeping these people and their memories alive. When I saw this post below, I thought of how my grandchildren will never know my mother and grandparents. Both, my mother and my grandchildren, people that are so important in my life, do not know each other. It makes me sad, my grandchildren's children will probably not know me. I am not meaning to be melancholy, but on your family tree, there are direct links to each other, but we will not know these very important people in our lives

Cowtown Pattie of Texas Trifles posted this comment:
“You bring home the notion that you never truly die if you remain in someone's heart and memory. Sadly, though, it only takes the span of a couple of generations before our own story grows dim. I hope that my future great grandchildren and beyond have a curiosity about me and that some of my writings will survive the time test.”

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Sixty...So What???

“Let go of youth. It is but a flower. To know old age is to dive deeply into the very roots of life. This is what is real, what is hidden from the young, what enriches and sustains us. Old age is not something that happens to us, it is who we are, embrace it - and be made whole.”
- Dr. William H. Thomas, Time Goes By, 30 October 2007


Historical Halloween
Picture by Click-Shannon