Friday, November 9, 2007


I think of my mother and grandparents all the time and remember times gone by. I remember my mother and grandmother, Mama Gooch, talking about relatives who had passed on and I would wonder why they talked about all these people from long ago. Now I know why. It was their way of keeping these people and their memories alive. When I saw this post below, I thought of how my grandchildren will never know my mother and grandparents. Both, my mother and my grandchildren, people that are so important in my life, do not know each other. It makes me sad, my grandchildren's children will probably not know me. I am not meaning to be melancholy, but on your family tree, there are direct links to each other, but we will not know these very important people in our lives

Cowtown Pattie of Texas Trifles posted this comment:
“You bring home the notion that you never truly die if you remain in someone's heart and memory. Sadly, though, it only takes the span of a couple of generations before our own story grows dim. I hope that my future great grandchildren and beyond have a curiosity about me and that some of my writings will survive the time test.”


The Rose Room said...

So true but so sad. Thanks for visiting me Beverley and all the best to you, I so understand about anxiety:) Take Care - Rachael - xo

Cowtown Pattie said...


I completely understand where your heart is. I suppose this is the way it shall always be, we be but mere mortals. Still, you do what you can to preserve a sense of history for those children of ours who come after.

Monnik said...

Hi Beverly! I love the name of your blog.

It is a sad thought to think that our children's children won't know our parents or grandparents, but I think that we can preserve those memories longer with writing. My grandmother wrote stories about her mother and her mother's parents, and as an adult I've read them and feel like I know them, though they died before I was born.

Jess Riley said...

Hi Beverly...I really hope that blogging can contribute to some of the memory-keeping for our loved ones. (I also love the name of your blog! :)

poopie said...

Well Hay girl! I kinda sorta blog here in Dyersburg too :) I've been a medical technologist for 30 years. Are you a pro-lab nurse??