Thursday, December 27, 2007

Max and the Winter Festival

I went to Max's winter Festival at school. The weather was rainy, so it had to be moved from the amphitheater to one of the classroom. It was cozy!!! All the different grades did a skit of all the different traditions around the holiday season. Max's Christmas tradition was getting a new ornament each year.

After the program, we ate lunch at Miss Cordelia's. This is one of my favorite places to go with Max. Whenever I pick him up at school, we always go there for a treat.

Next for our day was a visit to the Enchanted Forest. This is special because I took his dad there when he was little. The little mice, raccoons, elfs, are all the same ones they saw and they still hold the same magic they did long ago. When it came time to visit Santa and talk about what the ole man would bring him, Max was not too sure. He seemed torn between talking to him and getting his wishes, or not and then no toys. Then he heard the little boy ahead of him mention Pokeman and Santa talking of Pekachou. You could see his eyes light up, and Santa was now a really cool guy. So....he talked to him and his mom and I got a picture of the event.

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