Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Better Than the Alternative....Ha Ha!!!

I found this cute poem on Grammie's friend's blog.

so now I know...

A row of bottles on my shelf
Caused me to analyze myself.
One yellow pill I have to pop
Goes to my heart so it won't stop.
A little white one that I take
Goes to my hands so they won't shake.
The blue ones that I use a lot
Tell me I'm happy when I'm not.
The purple pill goes to my brain
And tells me that I have no pain.
The capsules tell me not to wheeze
Or cough or choke or even sneeze.
The red ones, smallest of them all
Go to my blood so I won't fall.
The orange ones, very big and bright
Prevent my leg cramps in the night.
Such an array of brilliant pills
Helping to cure all kinds of ills.
But what I'd really like to know...........
Is what tells each one where to go!

There's always a lot to be thankful for if
you take time to look for it. For example
I am sitting here thinking how nice it is
that wrinkles don't hurt...

Thanks for the giggle and smile on my face when I read this...thanks Claudia


JeanMac said...

Thanks for the smile, Beverly.

martie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am STILL smiling and I did not have a happy day at work!

By the way, you commented on a photo on my blog. I live in Okinawa. This photo was taken from the balcony of my apartment. I frequently feel like I'm the luckiest person with the views I get from home!

Beverly said...

I love that. I have an array of pills...I hate it, but they keep me going!

Beverly said...

I just read online that Memphis lost to Tennessee. So sorry. All good things do come to an end, don't they. I hope they can regroup and take tne #1 ranking back.