Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I See

As I gaze at this picture of my son and his son, I think back to years ago when my son was the little boy playing in the sand with his father.


JeanMac said...

What a picture!

Ernestine said...

Oh yes.
I look at my little granddaughter's and see my youngest daughter at that age.
Makes me want to cry.
Then I look at the three grandchildren in college and I cannot believe how fast time as gone by. Seems like yesterday they were small.
Enjoy them while they are little for it is not long.

Beverly said...

I so identify with this photo as I watched David play with Ella last week when they were here. It brings back such wonderful memories.

Beverly said...

Hi, Beverly,
I just read your comment. That is exactly how I felt when they left. I still have a smile on my face, but it is very quiet.

Wonderful memories are built with each visit.

Wendy said...

Oh I can relate to that. If I happen to be babysitting, I'm right back in there - as if I was 30 again, changing diapers, warming baby food, wiping little noses and going for walks. Don't know where the time has gone - but it sure has flown!!
Love that pic, your "boys" are precious.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks so much for your visit!
This is a very very sweet picture! It is amazing isn't it, hoe these activities are repeated from one generation to the next...What would life be without a Beach and playing in the sand...!

Charles and Lesley said...

I do remember you and I am so glad that you found our blog and now I can keep up with you as well. We actually went to the ENT today and Bryant is doing well, the first CT scan will be in October and hopefully that trach will be coming out. Your family seems so wonderful and I loved reading your blog. God Bless You