Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 15, 1970 & August 15, 1974

On these two days I became the happiest mother in the world. I had wanted to be a mother all my life.

When Brian was born, I was so happy to hear him cry, but even more excited to hold him. I remember looking him over and seeing that he was perfect. He looked exactly like his daddy. A beautiful baby boy. He was mine, and I wanted to be the best mother, and raise him to be a wonderful person. He is wonderful to me.

Move ahead four years and ten minutes later. I became a mother again to another beautiful baby boy. He looked like me. I was so happy. He was a happy baby, watching his older brother and was just happy to be by his side, even as a baby.

As we celebrate their birthdays each year, I am overwhelmed with emotion. These two little boys are men now with families of their own. Looking at them, I could think to myself, I was the perfect mother I always wanted to be. They are such remarkable men. However, they are the ones who have made me into the mother I always wanted to be. It is because of them, my life is blessed.

This year on their birthday I took the two of them to lunch. It was a special day for me to be with them, talking with them and reminiscing. It was like the days long ago when it was just the three of us.

The next day we really celebrated their birthday with Kevin cooking his and Brian's Birthday Dinner. We had Cuban Sandwiches and other yummy dishes. Shannon is the baker in our family, so she made the Yummy Birthday Cake. It was a lively day with our now much bigger family. We sang Happy Birthday, then we all gathered in the den and just did what families do. Laughed. Talked. Played.

After I got home I thought about how much my life has changed. From the time when they were babes, to their marrying the loves of their lives, to the birth of their babies. My life is so blessed.

Happy Birthday Brian and Kevin


One Woman's Journey said...

I am taking that trip with you.
All the same emotions.
Have a great day and blessings to you.

Beverly said...

How wonderful to have two grown sons who are close by. Our children are our treasures, aren't they.

The same birthday, how cool is that! Do they enjoy having the same birthday?

Rachel said...

your post is soooo sweet! how neat that your boys were born on the same day four years apart. i bet it's such an awesome thing to watch them become men, husbands, and fathers.

Grammie said...

OK, Beverly. Now you have done me in... as I wipe the tears from my eyes.

You and I have so much in common....especially the deep love and appreciation for our sons.

Happy, happy birthday to your boys and hugs to you!


Beverly said...

Ernestine, I think we have become fast friends because we are taking this trip together and feel the same about our children and grandchildren.

beverly, I am glad we share a name together. Otherwise, I would have missed out about you and Ella...I think they truly enjoy having their Birthday together...

Rachel, when the boys were young, I did not want them to grow up and leave me....but, we do not know as young mothers how much joy we have in store as they grow up and get married, and watch them hold their babies.

Grammie, we do seem to think and feel alike. By reading your posts, I find myself going yes, yes, I think that too.

JeanMac said...

A lovely story - uh, how did you manage August 15th twice:)

Darlene said...

Obviously you can take credit for being a good mother. If children don't turn out well and it's heredity or environment to blame, why not reverse it?

If the children turn out well like your sons, you can take the credit - its obviously due to the loving environment you provided.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your two boys. How amazing that they were both born on the same day...! CONGRATULATIONS to them and to you!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Beverly,

How neat that both of your sons were born on August 15th! My older son was also born on August 15th. He turned 49 this year. EEk, he is getting old! lol. When he was born, his grandma was overjoyed, because August 15th is the Assumption in the Catholic Faith, and she said he'd grow up to be a priest for sure. He grew up to become a Police Officer, instead. Father Mike said that was okay, he was still in public service. lol.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you come by again.

Best wishes,