Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Break 2009

This fall break has been a whirlwind. What with Karen's wreck, planning outings for Lily, and work, I find my mind and body needing a "mental" break...not that I could ever forget everything...but, today has been a day of rest. Letting my mind just be in idle.
Fall break is the two week break that Lily has at the Campus School. She is out of school for two weeks, but, Mama and Forrest are not. Lucky for Meemaw and me. We had girl time. She loves to have alone time with just the two of us. No outside interference from boys while we play dolls, draw, put on make-up, so on and so forth. I had planned on a visit to several outdoor activities on our time together in the beautiful fall weather here in Memphis. The only problem was that fall seemed to forget us this year. We went from summer heat to RAIN. I did decide one day to just put on rain gear and go for it. Off we went to the Memphis Zoo to see the newly opened Teton Trek.
The baby bears were somewhat playful, but, were too far away for me. They had been very playful when my friend went...jumping in the water and such. The Old Faithful erupted right on time for us to see it in its full glory, but, it did some out of concrete instead of the earth as it does in real life....oh, well. You get a picture of it, only sideways. Since this is a day for my brain to rest, I am not even going to try and correct also drives me crazy when the first picture I want to show ends up being the last one in the post. Oh, well another day....


Darlene said...

I know what you mean about the photos not being in the order you want them to be. I just posted photos and when I add one another disappears. I can't get them side by side or put the text where I want it. Arrgh!

Your photos are great and we can always turn our heads to see Old Faithful. Besides, with all you have had gong on it's a wonder you are posting at all.

Wendy said...

Oh, I agree with posting photos. They don't do what we want when we want. I have no idea how to move them around, I usually just give up and start all over.

Looks like you are enjoying your "break". Although even that seems busy too!

Tabor said...

I have anther family blog and it doesn't let me post photos except one at a time. I have not a clue why one ends up sideways sometimes. I have fixed it on rare occasions by deleting the photo and reloading another version. Glad you are wise and know how important rest is!

One Woman's Journey said...

I know you enjoyed this special time. Take care of yourself.
I have problems with images - also.
Will we ever learn?

Brighid said...

I'm just now learning how to post pictures. Not sure I will continue down that road. Very challenging times around here at the moment.
It sounds like things have been extra busy for you. Glad your Karen is doing better, and you are getting a little time for a well earned rest.