Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Christmas Images

The kids with their Big Present..... Wii's

Brian so happy he connected the Wii...

Mom and Dad looked everywhere for these Pillow Pets, but could not
find them, but, Santa Claus came through and Lily and Forrest were happy.

Lily was happy about her Moxie doll!

And Ma in her kerchief...no, no, it is my new wool hat. I have been wanting one
for awhile....

Lily played Santa...

Lily and Julia....this is how she likes to smile....a little wide-eyed for Meme...

Max with his Legos

Kevin and Forrest looking at Forrest's Star Wars Pop-Up Book

Hanging the Stockings

Lily with her Jewelry from Granddad M

Forrest...Future Rock Star

Snugggle Bunnies

Meme Reading "The Night Before Christmas"

Amy's Dad with his present....a book about Marine's....

Shannon after making Santa Cookies....flour on the nose...

Forrest opening the Advent Calender for Dec 24

Shannon's dad, Bill checking his phone, or playing one


Beverly said...

Neat pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love your winter cap.

Tabor said...

You are one lucky mother and grandmother as you holiday was certainly full! Thanks for sharing.