Monday, September 20, 2010

Social Security

To the anonymous commenter that was meant for my Social Security post. I am not a lazy, censored "person who rhythms with witch". I have worked for over 40 years and paid in many dollars with each paycheck, and I will not allow myself to feel like you would like me to. And, just think, I may have taken care of your family, as I am a nurse......

I dare you...comment again. I will just delete it!!!!!


One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly - it saddens me that anyone would write somthing unkind to you. I am so sorry.
~~you are loved~~

Beverly said...

Thanks....I should not have let it upset me, but, it hit me at the wrong moment!

Darlene said...

Beverly, just ignore that troll. We, who know you in the blogger world, are aware of how hard you have worked and how much you are entitled to the repayment of all the money you have put into S. S. throughout the years.

That's the way it works and it works well. Each generation pays for the previous generation and then the next generation pays for you. And Social Security has made a profit along the way. It is not costing the government a dime, contrary to what that ignorant el stupido said.

Automatically delete such mean spirited comments immediately.