Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just the girls

My granddaughter L has been asking for a just us girls sleepover. I finally had three days off so we had a two night sleepover, just the two of us. Usually we have F, her two year old brother with us. So this was really a special treat.

We went to the playground, rode her bike around and around, climbed the (monkey)bars, pushed her real high on the swings, and "spotted" her while she hung upside down from her knees.

We went to the Children's Museum where we piloted a plane, climbed a skyscraper, designed a room, played kalaid-o-scope on a computer, rang doorbells, brushed giant teeth, took our picture in the photobooth while making silly faces, and this was just the first of our three hour visit.

It was what being a grandmother is all about. Unconditional love and lots of push up bars. We both get to do whatever we want and nobody tells us we have to eat all our dinner before dessert.

Our just girls nights were fun and over way too soon. Now, I am lonely again. But, only for a few nights, because M and FH are having a boys only (well, except for me, I am allowed since I am Meme), sleepover Saturday night. It will seem like old times, since for so many years it was just their daddy's and me. We'll have a blast, probably in more ways than one.

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