Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just the boys

M and FH, my six and almost three year old grandsons, came over Saturday for a sleepover. Being with these two boys took me back thirty years to when my two boys were little. The age difference is about the same, and I kept calling M by his fathers name. Of course, he would call me on it, reminding me that I am fast becoming my mother or my grandmother.

They kept cracking me up in their banter back and forth. Of course, there was the moment during their bath that FH realized M had the same plumbing. Yelling "Meme, M has a penis!!!" Before I could comment, M yells "yeah? YOU have one too"!!!!! Oh, boys are such fun.

M and FH were having popcicles on the back steps, and M looks at me smiling with twinkling eyes and told he wished he could stay with me forever. Well, he pulled my heart strings. Of course, he only wanted another popcicle. That's OK....it was nice to hear.

I have really enjoyed each of my grandchildren. Having a girl in the family is a new, enchanting experience. I so enjoy our closeness, playing with dolls, having tea parties, putting on makeup!! But, this weekend was also special. Having my two boys' little boys here was a warm fuzzy feeling, and I love feeling that again.

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