Monday, September 3, 2007

I Am Sixty Today

Today is my sixtieth birthday! I cannot say I welcome it, but as my mother said about her older birthdays, it is better than the alternative. I do not feel, in my mind, that I am sixty. It seems only yesterday that I was fifty.

I believe this was one of my BEST birthdays ever. It is due to my children, Bri, Shan, Kev and Amy who along with Max, Lily, and ForFor, gave me the most wonderful birthday party. They worked very hard to make it special for me, and indeed, it was.

The food looked like a gourmet feast. There was ham and rolls, olive dip on baguettes, tomato with mozzarella on crackers, bacon wrapped shrimp and asparagus, olives, fruit, and more that I don't remember at the moment. There were TWO desserts!! My favorite, CHOCOLATE!!!mousse, chocolate whip cream something that was to die for. And a blueberry cake, my next favorite. Enough of food. There were friends and family.

My brother and sister-in-law came from my hometown. My niece and nephew came with J and O. My friends from work came. All are dear to me. Words cannot begin to express what each one means to me.

My children gave me the most thoughtful gift of all. They know what my family home meant to me. My mother and I lived with my grandparents, so I was blessed with lots of love. I am also very sentimental. Tears are filling my eyes as I write. They conspired with my brother and had a painting of my home done for me. My brother provided details of what the house was like when I was growing up and lived there.
When I saw the picture, with everyone watching me, and I was nervous, at first I did not recognize it until Shannon said that it was my home in Paris. I laughed and said, whew, I thought this was where ya'll were sending me. My brother put his arm around me and said I was riding back with him. (like I was going to a nursing home) BOY, was I relieved when I looked and there was my home. Now, it will always be with me.

Thank you Brian, Shannon, Kevin, Amy, Max, Lily, and Forrest.
I love you all very much!


Shannon said...

you're welcome. it was our pleasure and we had a great time fixing all that food. (not to mention the party we had after everyone left--ask us about the darth vadar mask.)

farmgirl said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Food, family, friends, and two kinds of dessert? Sounds like the perfect celebration to me!

P.S. This isn't actually late--I run on country time. ; )

Betty said...


What a pleasure to have you come by to visit....and we share the same birth date..

I enjoyed visiting your blog and will return.....please come back to see me.......Betty

The Guinn Triplets said...

Happy Birthday Beverly!!!

I absolutely treasure all of the sweet comments you leave on my blog. It makes me happy to think that there are preemies out there lucky enough to have someone as kind hearted as you, taking care of them each day. I sometimes felt during our NICU stay, like some of the nurses were somewhat callused to the daily struggles preemies face and didn't always treat our babies with as much care and compassion as I would have liked.

From the things I've read that you have written, it really seems like you understand not only how hard it is on the babies, but also on the entire family. Leaving our babies each night and ending each day with empty arms was such a devestating experience. I do know though that the NICU wouldn't have been so bad if it would have been filled with nurses like you!

I hope that you had a very happy birthday and that this year bring you much happiness...YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Rosa said...

What a special gift you received. Isn't it nice when loved ones know what is perfect for you? Happy belated birthday! Oh yum, I wish I had some of that good cookin'! Made me hungry reading about it! Good for you. Thanks for visiting, come one back any time!

Riana said...

What a wonderful birthday! You are a sweet person and give so many people so much joy. Happy 60th!

T*mmy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to YOU!!

So glad you stopped by my blog!!

paris parfait said...

Beverly, I'm sorry I'm late to the party! (I've now added you to my b-day post). Sounds like you had a very special day. Hope the year ahead will be full of blessings and joy!

Kay Dennison said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Beverly! You caught up with me! I've been 60 for 5 months now and so far, it's been an adventure as life usually is for me. LOL

Thanks for stopping by to visit! Do come again!

Betty said...

Beverly, thanks for coming by and commenting.....I do have many friends for which I am truly well as blogging friends.......Betty

Triplet Mama said...

Happy belated birthday! Your life is just starting! There is always a new phase :)
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I too am a fan of the Guinn triplet blog. Stephanie's triplets are 3 months older than mine so reading their blog helps me get thru the day sometimes, knowing what we have to look forward to. Take care!

Grammie said...

Happy, happy, belated birthday Beverly!!!!!!!
(I am not too far behind as I just celebrated my 59th on Sept. 13th!)

I love reading your posts...I can so identify with so many of your thoughts.

Thanks for visiting with me, too.

Take care,
Grammie : )

Claude said...

I'm a little late in wishing you a happy birthday. My excuse is I didn't know you then ;)
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
I loved your hot flash story ;)