Thursday, August 30, 2007

Forrest is Three!!!

Forrest is three years old today. He is such a sweet little boy. When I think of him, certain things come to mind. Planes, trains, and automobiles!!! Yes, planes, trains, and automobiles. He's all boy in that respect. He usually has his chubby, little fingers wrapped around a car, lying on the floor, and driving it all over the place. Just like his daddy did.

His birthday party was this past Sunday. Of course, his cake had a race car on it. He had his friends and family over. We all sang Happy Birthday to him and he blew the candles out before we finished singing. Then, it was time to open his presents. I will say his favorite was from his cousin Max. He could be heard squealing as he saw the Space Shuttle, or ROCKET!!!!as he called it. Well, he didn't want another present, nope, nary another. Just the ROCKET!!!!

I cannot believe my baby grandson is getting to be a "big boy", but he is still, on occasion, thank goodness, a "little boy"

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