Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Historical Halloween

Every year my grandson Max's Montessori school has Historical Halloween. Each student chooses a person from the past (or in my case, during my lifetime) . They research their life and dress up as this person, and give a short speech.

Max was Captain James Cook. He wore an explorer hat, with binoculars and a map. He said he was nervous, but once he was speaking, I could not tell it at all. He told when he was born, 1728, and died,1779. You may remember he was an English naval officer who explored Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. Max did a wonderful presentation!!!

The school is on Mud Island with an amphitheater outside facing the harbor. It was a beautiful, sunny day. All the children from little bitty to teens did their best and it was a wonderful time with my family.


kate said...

Hi Beverly, thanks for stopping by my site!
Captain James Cook - very nice. Sounds like a fun day.

Beverly said...

That is such a good way to incorporate learning into Halloween.

I loved being with Ella and seeing her trick or treating for the first time. Thanks for coming by again to visit.

Claude said...

I quite agree with you, a very good way of mixing learning and fun!