Saturday, October 6, 2007

Never Grow Up

Lily had another sleepover, so I wanted to remember some of her Lilyism's. I just made that word up.
We got up way to early for me. I took my pillow to the couch and proceeded to lay my body down. Next was grab the remote and find Sprout for her to watch. We were watching TV when out of the blue Lily said, "If you have a small heart, you'll be grumpy all day". I asked her where she heard this, thinking her mama had told her. She shrugged her shoulders and said "on TV". At least she is learning something good.
She soon got tired of my cozy spot on the couch and asked if I was going to stay on the couch all day??? Well, that did it. I hopped up and we got in the floor (oh, my aching bones) and played Polly Pockets and did some coloring. I don't know why it wasn't fun on the couch.
We then moved to putting on makeup and looking at Meme's jewelry. As I looked at her, I asked her to not grow up so fast. She said rather emphatically, "I can't help it"!!!
I laughed to myself and realized she is a pretty smart girl.

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Beverly said...

Oh, I love that. I think that's what I liked about teaching first graders. They wee so honest and could come up with some zingers.

I love the photo of the boys up above too.