Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Converse Is 100 Years Old

Converse is 100 years young. Rocky has worn them. Paul McCartney did too. Oh yeah, so did Green Day, James Dean, Harry Potter, too.
But, nobody wears them better than my Number One Son, Brian. Nobody!!!!


Beverly said...

I do believe I had a pair or two of Converse sneakers.

Kay Dennison said...

Wow!!!!!!! 100 Years!!!!!! Never had a pair of Converse. Growing up it was P.F. Flyers and now I'm definitely a Reeboks kind of gal. They fit my weird feet. LOL

My huge cousin always wore Converse basketball shoes -- the Nike pf the 60s!!!! LOL

annie's eyes said...

I definitely had my pair of Converse too--great with jeans...Thanks for stopping by my blog after visiting Jean. Your words about your mom touched me deeply. Isn't it funny how one thought will bring back a flood of memories.
You were a wonderful daughter to your mom, and gave her a great gift by just going there to whatever reality she had. It was hers to treasure, though it was your pain. I don't know about alzheimer's but I took care
of my mother when she died from cancer, and her neediness was so hard for me, since she had always been so strong and independent.
It's always a hard journey but sweet.
Glad to find your blog too. I've seen your comments several times at Jean's and felt how comforting they were.

Bless you,

Mary said...

Hi Beverly,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I like the title of your blog...Use Your Words.

I, too, was a PF Flyer or Keds kid. I think my brother graduated to Converse after a while :o)

Your have lovely grandchildren and photos of them.

Nice to meet you! And, by the way, I envy your snow storm...