Monday, April 7, 2008


Customized Basketball Jersey -

Thanks to all my blogging friends for supporting the Memphis Tigers.
Way to go team!!!


Beverly said...

Overtime has just started, and my heart is in my throat. Here's hoping!

Beverly said...

Oh, I'm sorry they lost. They played so well. Their hearts must be broken.

Cape Cod Kitty said... sorry Beverly. I fell asleep but woke this morning to hear NPR reporting the last few minutes and then overtime. Exciting but not our desired outcome! I relate after what happened to our New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Beverly said...

Thank you Beverly and Cape Cod Kitty for your support. The Tigers were wonderful, I watched while my grandchildren (two of them) slept beside me.

Beverly said...

I like your new look. It helps to freshen things up by changing layouts, doesn't it.