Monday, April 28, 2008

I Heart Memphis

I have heard that Memphis is not a good place to live. They say the mayor and council are, at best, inadequate. I'll agree with that. It seems to me that their greatest fear is fear of crime. Close friends have been victims of crime that seem to be rampant in our city, but if they watched the news, and I am sure they don't, they stopped doing that when the news only reported "bad" news, but if they would watch the news they would know crime is increasing at a scary rate everywhere. Is it because we have so many more people in the world today therefore crime is increasing too. You see people commit the crimes, not cities, but people are everywhere. Crime is everywhere. I am scared of crime and pray everyday for my family to be safe. I still love Memphis. Is it because I became an adult here, married, had my wonderful babies here? Maybe so. I don't know why I love it, I just me crazy, I just do.


Beverly said...

That's not crazy. I must admit I've always heard that about Memphis. I have thought so hard about moving to Virginia to be near my son and Ella, but I, like you, have lived my life here and I guess I'll stay. It is home.

I do have th advantage of being able to go see Ella whenever I feel like it. If I couldn't, I guess I would be moving closer.

JeanMac said...

I had never read that, Beverly, but I
wonder if it's in certain areas or random?
Now you have me thinking of a post to write that I mull over every day!
Keep safe and keep on doing what you are doing. Our "innocent" little city is no longer.

Ernestine said...

I have such fond memories of Memphis.
My two oldest daughters attended college in this city.
My oldest granddaughter was born there.
I remember many weekend trips down that long and flat road from Nashville.
Remember the wonderful eating places.
Have a great day.