Friday, July 18, 2008


This is the real baby...the baby of my little family. The baby of my baby. This is Forrest. Named after his great-grandfather who never saw him, but knew of the honor, and was happy about it.

Forrest was not one for words at first. In fact, he is the reason for the name of this blog. He has come alive with his words. He tells you stories, he talks about Luke and Dark Vader. He tells you all about his cars and trucks. He is sometimes so excited that I cannot understand him. So, I just nod and say, oh, yes!!!

He loves his family. He and Lily can play together very well. She will be talking
about princesses, and he lets her. He will just drive his cars all around her. He is definitely a mama's boy, just like his daddy was. There is nothing wrong with that.
One of the things he really loves to do is with his dad. Kevin will walk in the door
and Forrest will come up to him quietly and say "Will you play with me"? Then they
lie on the floor just like Kevin did as a little boy and drive cars around the floor for a long time.


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Beautiful boy, and much joy!
My "boy", will turn 38 next week and just yesterday I was saying to a friend at work that I would sure love to go back and savor those young years of his life with the wisdom (??) I have now. Enjoy!

JeanMac said...

Did I mention about my friend's son - he wouldn't speak a word. One day Lil gave her daughter juice and pretended to ignore the son - he blurted out,"I want some,too!!!" After that, he never stopped talking!

kenju said...

Beverly, thanks for the visit and the comments. I can't imagine not blogging now, can you?

My older daughter has gone back to school to become a labor/delivery nurse. Sometimes I think that's what I should have done.

Ernestine said...

Beverly I love that name.
A dear friend's son had this name.
He is a beautiful little boy.
Enjoy him. These times are precious.