Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love this picture. The way Amy is looking at my son shows how much they love each other and how they can have fun. We were in St Louis so I could get away for a weekend. The first vacation I had in three years. They were fun to be with and tried very much for me to have a good time. And, I did.


Beverly said...

That's a lovely picture of your son and his wife. Yes, you can see her love for him.

Ernestine said...

Thanks for sharing this picture.
It is wonderful when we see our children's mates directing loving glances towards them.
So pleased you could go with them.
Have a great day.

Grammie said...

Body language and facial expressions give us away....and your son's wife is definitely sending warm and loving feelings.

How nice!

JeanMac said...

A beautiful picture.