Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Forrest

Forrest, you are my third grandchild. You have brought many happy times to my life. It is sometimes like I am with your daddy again. You play like he did, lying on the floor with your trucks, cars or StarWars guy.

You are a happy boy. You can always make me smile. When you were little, you used to raise your arms up toward your mama, daddy or grandmothers and say, "Hold You, Hold You". That meant you wanted us to hold you. It continues to be a happy memory for Meme.

You did not talk a lot at first. Your sister did the talking. Your mama encouraged you to use your words. I grabbed that phrase for the title to my little blog that is me trying to use my words to write. You are not quite as chatty as your sister, but, when you do speak, we all listen and usually smile at the gravity of what you say. You do not like to jump from what you perceive to be perches that are a little too high. One day while you, your sister and I were getting out of the car, Lily said that you were too slow. You calmly stated to her, "Well, I do not want to get hurt"!!!!! I thought to myself, How Wise. This brings me to another thought. You move just like your Uncle Brian. When he was in kindergarden, he Slowwwlllllyyy walked to the car each day....holding up all the cars behind us. No matter how much I begged him to hurry, he Would Not...You are so like him. We will all be walking either at the zoo, at the grocery, on the way to pick up Lily and you will slowly but, surely amble along.
If we get too far ahead, You always say, "Hey, you guys, wait up!" Another smile from Meme....

You really love to play with your Cousin Max. I listen to the two of you talking, and when Max says something he likes, you respond with a "me, too"....It is like if Max thinks it is cool, you do too.

Very high on your list of favorite people, besides mommy, of course, is your sister Lily. You and her are a pair. She will be your guardian angel for life. You adore her, and she you. You two play so well together. She loves Star Wars too (she is her father's daughter), will stop her girlie girl stuff to drive cars with you, and you are man enough to play with her in her fairy land as well.

I hope you are having a grand birthday in St. Louie, and I look forward to sharing a birthday party with you real soon....

I love you,


Brighid said...

What a beautiful note to Forrest. I hope your printing these and binding them for grands. Someday, not long at all, they will be cherished, because their from MeMe's heart.

Darlene said...

What a sweet letter to an adorable little boy. Happy Birthday, Forrest!

Wendy said...

What a heart-felt and loving post. Happy Birthday dear Forrest. Hope you have a fun birthday with lots of surprises and cake!

He looks like an angel, Bev. Treasure these memories.

Beverly said...

Thank you all for your visits and sweet, kind comments on my little blog about my life as a grandmother. it means so much to me....

~JarieLyn~ said...

This is a really sweet post. I'm with Brighid. Print, save and bind for future mementos.

I like the name of your blog.

JeanMac said...

What a loving note - I enjoyed it so much. Your grand children are so beautiful.

Martin H. said...

A heart-warming birthday message from grandmother to grandchild. Happy Birthday young man!