Monday, January 11, 2010

I Am Secure

I have all doors secure with security doors. Man, do I ever!

For some reason when I came home today and tried to open my back door, no go... It would not click, you know, that little noise when the lock unlocks. Oh no, I have to try the front door. So, I unlock car so I can open the electric gate, walk to the front, thanking my lucky stars it had warmed up to 40F, but, with that wind my ears were cold. I am thinking, it's ok, I will just go in the front door....I put the key in, tried the lock, and NO! say it isn't so!!! The Front Door refused to open. Don't panic! It is just the way I held my mouth. Try the Back Door again. I walk calmly to the back, put the key in, no go. I go back to the front, back to the back. I was like those who do not learn from their mistakes and keep repeating the same thing. If my neighbors were watching I am sure they thought I was nuts.

So, what was I to do. I had one more door to try. The one that opens to the screened in porch, the one I never use, the one that has a chain lock on it, so it would not matter if I get the storm door open or not. I try anyway, and YooHoo, it opened! But, there was that chain lock. I tried with my skinny hand, to slip the chain, but, NO! it will not work. I have to break in. I know that sounds extreme, but, I needed to, well, we won't get into that....I call my son, and tell him he has to come kick the door in. He thinks I have lost my mind, BUT, I HAVE NOT! COME OVER HERE AND BREAK IN YOUR MOTHER'S HOUSE!!!!

He came, he kicked in the door, I thanked my son for a job well done...and carried on with my day....


One Woman's Journey said...

Being in a new area - I understand and am trying to cover every possible scenario!

jeanmac said...

Oh, Beverly, doors can be a real problem.