Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post About Nothing

I am going to take a cue from Seinfeld and write about nothing. I have been so proud of myself for feeling so healthy. I even worked 44 hours last week. Thirty-six of them in three days, yes, three 12 hours in a row. Well, I darn near killed myself. I had three days off. I did nothing to speak of. I then worked an eight hour shift followed by a twelve. I tell all the young girls that I am 62 years old and running out of steam. They do not appreciate it, they one day will understand. I am going to leave a picture of my laughing self on the wall when I retire, so one day I will get the last laugh.

Forrest had a high fever and respiratory ills last week. His mom and dad had been staying off work with him. Since I was off, I volunteered to keep him. You know how when you are sick you usually want to be home with mom or dad, well when asked if he wanted to go to Meme's for the day, he raised his fevered head and shouted, "Yes"!!!! Poor thing, I had to take his temp several times and he could not hold the thermometer in his mouth without grabbing for a breath of air. Meme said, "Poor buddy, you cant't even breathe". To which he replied, quite adamantly, "Yes I can too breathe"!!! He is so literal. I just smiled inside and reassured him that yes, he was right....

I spoke to Lily on the phone. She was in the middle of a Sponge Bob episode. I somehow detected her heart was not in the conversation. When I asked if she would like to get back to old Bob, she said, "yes, since I really don't know what you have been saying" as she giggled honestly. This might upset some grandmothers, but, not me. I appreciate the honesty.

Well, I must go. I have to go to the grocery for treats, cookies, gummy bears, etc....You see, the kids are coming tonight. What happens at Meme's stays at Meme's. I finally got them to quit telling on me.... ;)


Darlene said...

I don't know how you do it. I can't work more than an hour without crashing.

Poor Forrest. But what a nice compliment to you that he wanted to be with you when he is sick.

jeanmac said...

I'll bet you look forward to retirement - "those young 'uns" just can't understand but they will - - -