Friday, April 30, 2010

Max-A Nine Year Old

This is how Max approaches life....full speed ahead! He is such a neat kid! He constantly amazes me with all the things he has learned...He loves to climb trees and reads Harry Potter, he has canoed down the Mississippi River and loves Charlie Brown books, he has been to Estonia and France, yet still loves to come to my house. He has a blog and loves draw movies on the computer. He and his cousins, Lily and Forrest love to make tents in my den with every blanket they can find in my house. He is my first grandchild and had my heart the moment I saw him moments after he was born.

He plays a mean keyboard too! Don't tell, but I think he is getting a bigger keyboard for his birthday!

He is having a birthday soon. He is growing up way to fast for Meme!


One Woman's Journey said...

Oh yes, they are all growing up too fast for their grandma.
Just keep enjoying him.
My grandson who is going to Vanderbilt in Nashville - wrote and he may visit me next week before heading for home in Florida.
Needless to say - grandma is on cloud 9 :)

Beverly said...

Ernestine, I know about that cloud 9. Think of you everyday!

Annie Joy said...

Max seems like a great kid with a full life. Best of all, it appears that Max has chosen his own interests and followed them! Hooray for Max and happy 9th birthday! Annie

JeanMac said...

Yeah for Max's BD - I won't tell - let us know how he reacts when he sees it. Hope all is well. J