Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring break has come and gone....darn it. I timed my days off all wrong, and worked last week while my grands were off, now this week I am off. Oh, well, I still managed to have fun with them.
One day I had lunch with Brian, Shannon and Max in downtown Memphis! I always love being downtown. We ate at the Little Tea Shoppe and had wonderful Southern cooking. Yummy cornbread. Almost as good as Mama Gooch's. Afterward we walked on the River Bluff. It was beautiful watching the Mighty Mississippi roll along. We had ice cream at Eclectic Cafe.

I dyed eggs with Shannon, Brian and Max. Brian was preparing to cook goat ribs. When he went in to get the ribs, the man brought the whole goat out, except for the head, the tail, and the hoofs. I do not know how I went from dying eggs to cooking goat ribs.

Lily and Forrest came for a sleepover one night. There is always discussion of who will sleep in the middle. Each wants to sleep by Meme and she will NOT sleep in the middle. I decided that it was Forrest's turn for the middle. He was happy about this, but, I noticed that when everyone crawled under the covers, it was Lily who ended up in the middle. Not wanting to cause a disruption of the peace, I said nothing. Both kids fell asleep, but, I was hanging on edge of the bed. This was not going to work. I started pushing Forrest over, when he opened his eyes, and said, "Shouldn't I Be In The Middle?" Oh, no! What was I to do? I decided the best approach was to say nothing and hope he went back to sleep.

On Friday we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt with all my work friends. Kevin, Amy, Lily and Forrest went. I love taking pictures of all the little ones.

Forrest was so excited that he found an egg hid in a tree. He is so happy!

I always love time with my family. The real zingers came from my sons. Shannon was making Greek Easter cookies. Brian and Shan thought of adding sugar on top of them before baking them, even adding some cinnamon. Brian reaches up to the spices and said, "Lets add some paprika!" I freak and yell Brian!!!!! He laughs and I realize it was cinnamon....Silly boy...

We all facebook and Kevin decided to get me good. He posted that he did not like his Spring Break Tattoo. I always stressed to my boys the cons of tatoos. The will be sorry later in life, what future employers might think. As far I I knew, neither one had gotten one. Well, as I read his post I thought...WHAT?????? and so I posted it. Later I went back to his post and he had written..... Finally Mom...April Fools!!!!! He got me!!!! The Dixon Humor!!!!!


One Woman's Journey said...

Family times are wonderful. What would we do without these grandchildren---love your new header. Take Care.

jeanmac said...

I love this post. Family is the most important.