Friday, November 12, 2010

Lego Man

I spent Halloween with Max, Brian, and Shannon....As you can see Max was a Lego Man. He and his dad made this, I do not know how. They seem to have a talent for such things. As we walked down the streets, people where impressed at their art work.
He was voted Best Costume by most of the neighborhood. It was great fun. I am so excited that I will never have to work another holiday again! I always seem to bring retirement into every post lately.....


Beverly said...

That costume is so cute.
I love being able to be with Ella during Halloween and some of the other holidays. When I was growing up, my mother worked in a drug store. The owner never closed...never, and I missed having my mother with me on a lot of holidays. I really hated that.

Hurray for you that you don't have to miss any more holidays!

One Woman's Journey said...

Love that costume. You have a talented son!! Glad to see this post and have a great day. Just think now you can sleep in - funny I still get up by 5:00 AM.