Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flowers Not Found in Nature

I have been trying to figure out why I have no creative talent...Why did creativity pass me by?
By that, I mean, many of those in my family have it, why not me?
I will share with you the talented.....My grandfather PawPaw, my brother Bobby, my Aunt Helon,
Uncle Tommy, Cousin Dan, Uncle Tommy's grandson Samuel,
my wonderfully talented two sons Brian and Kevin...Folks, that is a lot of talent.
But, I have learned to live with it, knowing there is probably
something I can do that these other talented people cannot...What, you may ask?
I don't know....I was determined to find some talent, somewhat like Grandma Moses did.
So, I eagerly signed up for a Paint Party....and dragged my co-granny Patty along.

This was the first thing the teacher had us do....slap some paint all over the canvas.
Man, it was hard to do....really. But, didn't I do a good job?
Look at those lines, those swirls. Talent oozing forth.....

Here I am working on my masterpiece. I think I look pretty artistic.
I have that rag in my hand and all.

TaDa!!!! I did it! It is called
Flowers Not Found in Nature!

Patty has an original painting, too. No, hers is
not exactly like mine.....It's not!!! We are
talented, too.....

So, I realize that talent does like to hop around genetically.
My talent genes are recessive, but, I did pass them along
to my beautiful sons.


Brighid said...

Think your just trying to hard. Enjoy, have fun, it will come...or not...

Peruby said...

I really like the contrast. And see how you outlined the petals? The more you do - the better you get.

One Woman's Journey said...

You are talented. I like it. I have always wanted to try painting -- but my plate is full. Especially with Spring arriving :)
Need to spread 50 lbs of grass seed.