Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring In January

Lily called me on Thursday night asking if she could
have a sleepover on Friday. I picked her up from school
and the adventure began. The weather was warmer
and the masses came out. First the yogurt shop
for a treat.

It was warm outside so Friday and
Saturday we went to her trees.

Saturday morning bright and early
we went to Forrest's Basketball
game. They are just learning the
basics of the game...(a lot of running
without dribbling, stealing the ball
from your own team mate). They had
fun though....

It was then time to take
her home, the family wanted
to take in some of the warm
January weather before the cold
Kevin and Forrest start out on the Green Line. This is a rails to trails
that one day will go from the Mississippi River across Shelby County.
It is amazing how many people are there. You had hop on the trails
at most roads that it crosses. This is one close to Kevin and Amy's house.

The family start off on their ride east over the Wolf River. There is a bridge
they will ride over to continue their journey. I want to walk it,
but, have not done so yet. I want to very much,
and I will one of these days.

I was sad to see them ride off. I wanted to go too, but,
knew my old feet could not keep up!


Tabor said...

You could go a little ways and then return. I am fascinated by the rails to trails project. We have some here and they are great.

One Woman's Journey said...

What a special time. I might just join you at the yogurt shop. Oh, I love the tree :)

Buttercup said...

Love seeing warm weather. I'll be at the yogurt shop, too!

jeanmac said...

Looks like a great place to cycle.