Tuesday, June 19, 2007

L Is Five

L's birthday finally came and she is five. She is becoming such a big girl.

She had a Princess Party. She had on a hoop dress, her mom put her hair up with curls, and she wore her favorite blue headband. She looked so princessie. Then, she ran out the door and headed straight for the swing set and climbed on the bars upside down.

She is such a climber. She loves to climb trees, loves hanging from her knees on the bars, and can do a headstand. I know I am digressing from the party, but, telling you this explains my gift to her. Gymnastics lessons. She is sooo excited.

The party was fun. We sang Happy Birthday, she blew out the candles, and THEN, her mom dropped the cake.....on one of her friend's leg!!! I just knew she would be upset...even cry...but no, she bend down and stuck her finger in the icing, that was on her friend's leg, and took a bite!!! Nope, she wasn't upset, but her friend was!!!!! She stood there horrified and quiet. She was scooped up and went straight for a clean up and I don't think she ever recovered. Amy was so afraid that she had upset L, but no, it was her favorite part of the party, especially since one rose on the icing was saved for her.

After the party, M and L came over for a sleepover. It was a blast, with all that sugar in them. And, then I realized that I had left M's bag, with his medicine in it, at my son's house. It was almost bedtime, they wanted a popcicle, and a book read to them. So, in order to get all this done, I piled them back in the car, threw them a popcicle, and told M that HE had to read a book to L. And me, well, I drove back to get the bag. So, when we got back home it was time for bed. HOORAY!!!! Not that I wanted the day to be over. No, no, no!!!!

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