Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some sleepover

Last night all three grand kids had a sleepover with me. They are going on vacation next week, so I just had to get some time with all three on my days off. Sooooo, it was a happening party. Wish you could have been here.

We had about three rounds on dinner, first L ate, then L and F, and then M came and he ate. Of course that means L had three meals. I felt like a short order cook...not that there is anything wrong with that. Then it was popsicle time. I took all of F's clothes off and put him in a big tee shirt and sat him on a big towel for him to have one. By the time it was over, he had a red nose and mustache and his shirt and the towel were also.

At bedtime, I refused to sleep on the air mattress this time and told them so. They all agreed and it was to be the boys in one room and the girls in the other. So after a video and books, I went to kiss M and F goodnight. Well, about that time F started crying for his mommy. M told him it would be OK, he would see mommy in the morning. This made me smile because he used to cry and not want to sleepover when he was little, so to hear him acting like it was no big deal was funny. But it was sweet to hear him trying to comfort him. He loves his little cousin and helps me a great deal! Sooooo, we all four crawled in the bed and he was happy.

Today it was a trip to the Children's Museum, at least for L, F and me. M had swimming lessons, but, man I could have used his help with F. F is obsessed with anything with an engine. So, we blasted off from the airplane cockpit, clanged a bell on the firetruck, made a brum, brum sound on the police motorcycle that only little boys know how to do, and said 10-4 on the police walkie talkie. That is, he did all this three different times before I got him and his sister out. It was only after promises of a movie with lunch that got them out the door.

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