Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am so sad that summer is over. It really seems like it has been gone for weeks because my grandchildren have been back in school. Now though, it really seems like fall is close. The oaks trees have been dropping leaves and limbs lately, thanks to Ike. The grass is trying to die, and when I walk outside I step on acorns. It just makes me sad. I look at my flowers, and herbs I have planted in pots and say, who cares! Why can I not be excited that soon we will be cuddling up for the winter, wearing sweaters, and making soup??? I don't know, do you?


JeanMac said...

I'm glad for the changing seasons - the hot summers bother me now as I'm old(er). I love spring best, though.

Beverly said...

I have read your sentiment on several posts. Here in Florida, we look forward to a break in the heat.