Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gardening Memories

This is what my mother and grandmother called "border". Forever I thought that was its name. I still do not know its real name, but I think it is Bishop's Weed. This is one that I brought from my home in Paris, TN. It has gone with me from Crossover, to Maxima Cove, and now to my little home in Joffre neighborhood.

I like it so much. I love the varigation.

I like it because I watched my mother and grandmother growing it so many years ago.

1 comment: TN said...

Hi Beverly, I have seen your posts on Jean's Blog, but I didn't know you were from TN. I live just outside of Bristol, TN in a little town called Bluff City. It's about as far NE TN as you can go. As you might know Bristol is a twin city, being that half of it is in VA. I guess what puts Bristol on the map in the NASCAR Motor Speedway. I live about two miles from it (as the crow flies) I go to the mountains when they have a race.LOL In your profile I read you live in Memphis? You are on the opposite end...just about as far SW as you can go, right? Nice to meet you. I always wanted to be a nurse. I would love the neonatal unit. Both of my grandsons were preemies. The oldest one weighed one pound and eight oz. He is 22 years old now, and is fine. Thanks for looking at my blog. I'm getting ready to go to yours. I love reading about the grandchildren! Max is so handsome. I love his hair. More later!