Friday, September 26, 2008


I have written much about my grandchildren, and my boys, but, have not told you about my daughter-in-laws. Shannon is my oldest son's love.

When I first saw Shannon, she was sixteen years old and sitting at my kitchen table along with some other kids. As I remember I immediately noticed her and knew without being told, that she was special. To my son. As you mothers of boys know, when that happens you are happy, for your son. And scared for yourself. Your baby will start the painful withdrawal from mom to his new love. It is hard for a mother. However, thanks to Shannon, it was much easier than I thought it would be.

Shannon blended very easily into our family. After graduation from high school, and after one semester away from Brian, she was back home in Memphis. Her parents had moved out of town, so I felt very much like her substitute mother. She and Brian would
come home from college each weekend (to do laundry) and on more than one occasion I would find her asleep on the couch in the den. In fact, if she ever sat down, you could be certain she would be asleep in no time at all.

Shannon has been a very dear "daughter" to me. She has been a support to me through out the years. Whenever I am down, in need of just having someone, she is there. She seems to have the knack of knowing when to help. She visited my mother in the nursing home, has jumped in to clean my house when I couldn't, even washing my hair when I was in the hospital. Now that's pretty darn nice thing for anyone to do!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you all about her. She is a remarkable mother to Max, and loving wife to my son. What more could a mother want for her son?

I won't be so serious in the future. I will talk about the sunny, light hearted side of her later. She took the picture of herself here. And she is usually smiling, instead of the serious girl you see... you can find her here


Shannon said...

: )

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, she is beautiful.
I am happy for you. When our son have that special person we know it in our hearts.

Wendy said...

Lucky you. It is wonderful when our sons find someone special. And Shannon does sound special.
I "lost" your blog months ago. Just found it and I'm glad. Will add you to my blogroll.
Happy autumn.

Joy said...

I know what you mean about those feelings of happiness for our sons and fear of losing them. I've been fortunate, too, and am grateful to my son's wife for the great relationship with her, too.