Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's Hands
by Kathleen Higham

I pray to tend my garden Lord
Sowing seed for spiritual fruit.
Walk beside me with each endeavor..
Give me truth in my pursuit.

For I am struggling daily
Longing for patience, kindness, and love,
And I hope my hands are faithful
As I search for my garden glove.

As my hands lie folded in my lap,
A vision comes to me.. so clear.
About hands that touched and guided me..
And comforted me in fear.
Yes I recognize my hands today
As they come from love so strong
And they are the hands of my Mother
And my heart is filled with song.

This morning praise comes from my lips..
And I sing to my Lord and Friend.
I thank You for my Mother's hands
And the garden You help me tend.


Kay Dennison said...

Beautiful!!!! Happy Mother's Day!

JeanMac said...

Beautiful piece.

Joared said...

Lovely sentiments. Thanks for stopping by my place.

Beverly said...

Hi, Beverly,
I just read your comment. It is interesting how we get a picture of someone in our minds, isn't it. Judy is great. She still works hard, as you can tell by her posts.

I love this poem that you posted, and I LOVE the photos of your grandchildren. I need to put some of Ella up in my sidebar.