Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Me?????

I love all things living. I love flowers, animals, big and small. However, I have to admit I do favor dogs. I have had cats, two to be exact. Buffy lived with me and the boys for twelve years. I have had dogs most of my life. First there was Snookie, then Ching, then Sweetpea, and now Shelby. These have been my pets. I am not so fond of wild animals. I think chipmunks are cute, I am not fond of squirrels. They climb down the tree and stare at me and squak at me and Shelby. I try and ignore them, Shelby not so much.
The real problem is why do wild animals love me, and my yard. I live smack dab in the middle of the city. One morning at 6am, I am out with Shelby. Feeling we were not alone, I turn around and there is a mama raccoon with two babies. We all were stunned. I was afraid they wanted my 10 pound dog, so I grab her and roar at them. Yes, you heard me correctly, I roared. I wanted them to know I was the alpha animal. They fled quickly. They came back later and sat quietly on my fence. Now, you would think they would love sitting on the rocks at the lake close to my house. Why do they pick me?
One Christmas, a raccoon came to my door, sick. I was so upset when I realized he was sick. I went out and talked to him, telling him, You are not sick, get up and walk away. Do Not Die on me. It must have been the nurse in me. He just looked at me and laid there and died. There has been opossums on the fence, but they are so dumb, they do not run away when you roar at them, not even when you go at them with a broom. There are feral cats who roam my neighborhood. I do not want them in the back yard. I have a dog who gets sick from their, how can I say it delicately, excrement, aka poop. I run them away, but they return. In fact, one of them had babies in my door less garage. Now, that was fun. I got the great idea to take those babies to the front yard. I grabbed up the one and took her to the front yard and put her down in the monkey grass. When I went back for her brother he had crawled into the corner and was trapped. Now, I was getting all soft. I got a box and put them both in there until I was thinking clearer. There in comes wisdom. I called Shannon for help. While talking to her Mama Cat came back to the nursery. I quickly hung up the phone, started yelling to the Mama Cat and holding up a kitten, saying, "I have your babies, here they are. She stopped and stared at me. I think she was working a plan in her mind to overtake me and get her babies back. I put the kittens down and went in the house. in a few minutes she had taken them and was gone. Problem solved. No cats to rile my dog, and the babies are still with mama. No so fast. I left to get Lily and when we got back home, guess who was safely tucked in the garage where they started. I spread coyete urine all around and they have stayed in the front. So far.

I have accepted the frogs I have every year. I do jump back a bit when I walk upon them, but they do not upset the apple cart. Just so they don't jump on me.

It always amazes me when I find a new critter here in the city yard. My last friend was the turtle. He appeared one day about a week ago. He moved across the yard pretty fast and was gone. I looked everywhere for him. No turtle....until today. He is safe and sound by the fence. Who will come next? I would like to request a hummingbird...


Wendy said...

Ah, Beverly, it's your sweet and gentle aura. Animals know (whether you roar or not) that you have a soft heart.
Hope your request for a hummer brings a whole flock!

Or, I'll send you my groundhog. He (or she) appeared a few days ago and has started in on eating my dahlias! Have you got some spare coyote urine to lend? LOL!

Tabor said...

Must be something very good about you to have animals be so trusting, although I would have been afraid of the sick raccoon due to the threat of rabies.

Kay said...

Hi Beverly,
It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind visit. I love all the photos in your wonderful blog. You have such a gorgeous family.

Q said...

Dear Beverly,
You are loved!
Okay hummingbird is on her way!
Will you put fresh nectar out for her?

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly love this post. Wonder what I will have appear in the country? Have a great day.

Darlene said...

My biggest problem of living alone has been what to do about stray animals. I have stopped putting water out for them because I have had ground squirrels, cats, and other critters invade. When a rat ran along my patio I knew I would no longer be kind and I stopped furnishing a much needed liquid refreshment.

I am squeamish and when a bird dies in my yard it ruins my whole day. I have to deal with it and I hate doing it.

JeanMac said...

What a riot - wondering how you get coyote urine? Pet store, pest shop?

Beverly said...

I understand completely what you mean about living in the middle of a city and still having critters.

One night our cat was freaked out by something that she heard. I went upstairs and turned on the light overlooking the pool. There racing back and forth was a family of raccoons, the parents and two little ones, scampering over the screen. They had gotten access to the pool cage by a palm tree that was nearby.

Possums are frequently seen too. It's amazing, isn't it.

I love turtles. I wish I had one in my yard.