Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Lily!

Lily, today you turn eight years old! I waited a long time for a little girl. You have not let me down. You are everything and more that I thought you would be. You can be the girlie-est girl, or a tomboy! We have had tea parties, played with dolls, and climbed trees!

Today you, Mom and Forrest met Max and I for a snow cone. It was so hot, but, a nice breeze was blowing, as we snuck across the street to a little park as we enjoyed the icy treats. As I watched you hanging from the monkey bars in your pretty dress, it made me think back to when you were a toddler and I had to stand and hold you while you tried to get across the monkey bars. Today you flew across by yourself! You don't need your MeMe to help you anymore! It made me nostalgic for those days, but, I know you and I have many more adventures to experience, and I cannot wait for them.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


One Woman's Journey said...

One of my little one's turned 8 last week. They are growing up so fast. I share all your thoughts.

Tabor said...

She has such a lovely smile and the fun in her eyes tells us all how wonderful she is. Lucky you!

Wendy said...

What a little sweetie! They do grow up so fast! Nice time to have a birthday - in the summer.