Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forrest's 6th Birthday

Forrest is about to be six years old tomorrow. His party was Friday at Laser Quest. I have never experienced this before. There is a briefing room where rules are given, but, no one understood because she talked so fast. Some of the kids were not comfortable (scared) of the heavy gear, the lasers, and the rest. However, those who braved the conditions, loved it! Forrest came in third when the tally was finished. I thought about going in, but Max said I would not have been able to handle the heavy vest...

Afterwards, there was Sponge Bob cake, lots of Star Wars and Harry Potter presents.

Oh, yes! Their was the firing of toilet tissue to the Birthday Boy!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was a great birthday party and hope Forrest had a wonderful birthday. Have a good week.

One Woman's Journey said...

Oh, the games they play. I remember pin the tale on the donkey and drop clothes pens in a bottle :)
Happy Birthday - Forrest. I love his name.