Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun with Forrest

Forrest and I went to the Memphis Children's Museum on our day together this week. We have probably only been there about
4,588 times before. Each time is just like the first for him. First off, we head to the FedEx jet and fly off to parts unknown. We always climb up the skyscraper, buy groceries, brush teeth, change a tire, ride the Police motorcycle, I get arrested and thrown in the back of the police car, see if the talking tree can guess what we are thinking of, make paper airplanes and fire them off in the what-ya-mu-callit, design a car on a computer, catch fish in the Mississippi, and I am 100% sure I have forgot the other 10 things we did!

Before we took off to parts unknown, there was much discussion as to who had actually closed the doors, and whose turn it was to fly the plane. As you can see by the first pic, it was definitely Forrest's turn. I promise I did not have a vote, and no kids left crying! Well, maybe one!


One Woman's Journey said...

These times with our grandchildren are making wonderful memories.

Bagman and Butler said...

That looks like a great museum!

Tabor said...

I wish we had a museum like that near here. (Of course, we have a ton of museums in DC but the better science museum is in Baltimore!)

Darlene said...

You have a great children's museum. I went with my grandchildren to one in San Jose and another one in Tucson, but I think yours surpasses both of them. It's fun to watch the children at play no matter where you are.