Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ballet,Baseball and Graduation, Oh My

Talk about a grand slam. I had three wonderful grandchildren filled days. The kind of time where it reminds me of when my boys were little and we had to go, go, go. Nonstop. And I loved it...

First, on Wednesday Lily had a ballet recital. She was so cute with her hair in a bun and a circle of flowers on her head. She was so sweet. She knew her dance steps and danced wonderfully. It is always so exciting to see their little faces light up when they recognize mommy and daddy in the audience. She waved to us and blew kisses. Memaw and I were watching every step, loving every minute. She raised her delicate arms and hands over her head, just like the prima ballerina she wants to be. I thought of my recitals in dancing and how stage frightened I was, and she did not seem to have any of that. She seemed to be right where she wanted to be. She has talked about being a ballerina forever, and that day she was. A sweet ballerina.
Come Thursday, it was an about face. I picked Max up from school. Usually everyone is quiet and orderly, but with only one day of school left, the kids were electric. Max and I had some of those nuggets the cows love, and headed to the baseball field. Once the game started and the hits started coming, he was so excited. He would holler, and I do mean holler, "Meme, were winning!!!", all the while giving me the thumbs up sign.
Unfortunately, he struck out both times at bat. But, watching him swing his bat, if he had hit the ball, with his strong arm, it would have been a home run, I have no doubt.
He did get a hit to him when he was in the outfield, and his powerful arm through threw it home, well almost home. Pretty far.

When we got home, it was time for bed. However, with school almost over who really needed to go to bed at a descent hour? Not Max and Meme. Nnnoooooooo.....not us.
Instead, we played the CD of all the songs he had learned at school this year. He turned the volume up and we sang along. Think music. Head and shoulders, knees and toes. Head and shoulders, knees and toes. Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun. Oh, I think you are getting the drift. We were belting it out, when in walks Mom. Yikes, we did not mean for anyone to hear us. We had fun, fun, fun. Oh my.

Last night was Graduation Day for Lily. She has finished kindergarten. My, my baby girl is growing up. Her class presented The Little Red Hen. Lily was a baby chick. She sang her little heart out. It was so cute. The red hen kept loosing her red feathers and one little boy who was easily distracted kept picking them up and throwing them.
Lily and her classmates kept right on singing. The teacher was so patient. She is Lily's mother, my daughter-in-law, but, she is a great teacher, I think.

Forrest and his other Butterfly friends sang Slippery Fish. He also sang his heart out. It seems like in the past few months he has turned a corner and is talking more, singing more, and generally loving school. He smiled so big, and seemed to love being on stage. He got his hands in place to show his fishes. He was so funny earlier in the day. He was trying to show me his car and I was rushing around and he said, "Beverly, do you see what my car can do"? I was shocked to hear him call me Beverly. I asked him why he called me Beverly and he said, "That's what my mommy calls you"!!! So funny.

After graduation we all went out to eat. Forrest adores his older cousin Max. He really looks up to him. He actually was so upset when his spagetti was not exactly like Max's. Shannon had to actually give him some of Max's spaghetti before he was happy. Way to go Aunt Shannon!!!

It is always fun to spend time with my family.


JeanMac said...

Love to read your family stories.

Beverly said...

What a wonderful time! I look forward to times like that with Ella.

You must be exhausted! But a good kind of tired.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks for sharing those magical times with us. How wonderful to have your grandchildren so close and that you appreciate those precious moments so much.