Saturday, May 31, 2008

Max's Gift

The other day I was telling Max that I lost my Ugly Doll key chain. This was very much needed by me because it is a big fat stuffed doll that helped me find my keys in the endless bottom of my bag lady purse. Max liked Ugly Doll too. I got him one for Christmas and he attached it to his backpack. As soon as I mentioned it was lost, he ran to his backpack and removed Ugly Doll, known as Poppy-n-Peep. He gave it to me, and said "Meme, you can have my Poppy-n-Peep. I was so touched, telling him that he should keep it. I knew he liked it. But, he insisted. That was so thoughtful. My heart did one of those swelling up thingies. His aunt was with us and she said, "Meme, you better take that and treasure that gift". Indeed I did. I will forever remember how my Max wanted his Meme to have a treasured gift, cause I love that Ugly Doll.

Thanks Max.


JeanMac said...

A child's heart full of love!

maya said...

That is super sweet. What a big heart he has!

Ernestine said...

You made my evening.
I am going to bed with a smile on my face.
Our grandchildren are precious.

Beverly said...

That is so neat, Beverly. Thank you for sharing Max's gift of love.