Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today would have been my mother's 93rd birthday. I hope they have birthday cakes in Heaven and the angels sing Happy Birthday to her.


Ernestine said...

Beverly my mother would have been 92 last February.
I share your thoughts.
I miss my mother so very much.
Oh what joy she would have had to see these little ones of my youngest daughter.

JeanMac said...

I'll bet Heaven provides BD cakes - thinking of you today.

Beverly said...

Thank you for the comforting words. Your mother is one person who encourages you and loves you no matter what you do or say. And, Ernestine, you are right on about wishing our moms could have known our grandchildren.

Thanks Jean for the thoughts...

Femail doc said...

We carry these old moms in our hearts forever, Happy Birthday to them all!

Wendy said...

Hi Beverly, I haven't been by in a while.
Happy birthday to your Mom. She still is your Mom - no matter where or what.
My mom's birthday is in July, but she died May 30, so I'll always associate May with Mom as well.
I remember the day after she died, my hubby and I were gardening and I swear I could hear her voice saying "Life goes on, dear". It would be the sort of practical, down-to-earth comment she'd make.
Oh a mother is so special.