Friday, August 3, 2007

60th Birthday Party

Four of us at work turn sixty this year. I know, I don't look sixty! Several of our friends gave us a party last night. That was sooo nice of them. Well, really one of us made them do it, and it wasn't me. But, I got to benefit from her grumpiness. There was a lifesize poster of Elvis at the door and they got a picture of me kissing it, since I did kiss him once. I was working and was, well, looking to stir things up a bit. He (Elvis) came to visit his father and I heard he was leaving soon, so I saw him by the ER with a crowd of people. A woman was talking to him through the car window and I thought, HEY, I KNOW HE WANTS TO SEE ME!!!! I pulled her away from the car, stuck my head in the car and planted one on him. But, let me get back to the party. There was reminiscing, laughter, sounds of the blender making alcoholic beverages, lots of great food and of course cake and ice cream. I have never had my picture taken so many times. Carol, Peggy, Gail and I had a blast. It was such fun being with my wonderful friends. Anyone else turning sixty this year?


KJ said...

Very fun peeking in your life! And, thanks for dropping by my blog for the coffee givewaway! Coffee does seem to have a magnetic pull doesn't it? Who knows, your son may just have a little more coffee than he bargained for. Nice to meet you and drop by again. kj

kenju said...

Beverly, thanks for the visit to my blog and I hope you'll come back. Happy Birthday! I'm way past you (turning 67 later this year).

I can't believe you kissed Elvis! That was my teenage dream....LOL

I have another blog buddy named Beverly too, and I will no doubt mix the two of you up.